We had a great turnout yesterday for the Power Price Action webinar sponsored by Optimus Futures. For those of you who were unable to attend, you can watch the recording here:

This presentation, shows how to day trade price action using techniques traders of all markets can put into practice:

While this webinar doesn’t show the unique methods taught in the full Power Price Action day trading course, there’s still a ton of valuable information. To learn day trading properly using the Power Price Action method, you can visit the Mentorship Program page (it’s included) or the Power Price Action website.

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  1. Futures trading is not for everyone, but i guess you are doing it right? The daytradetowin reviews are pretty good, can i speak to a staff member about the mentorship program? E-mini trading is what i want to be consistent at, so for me i want to learn to trade with daily profits. if you can teach me, that would be wonderfull.

  2. hey guys bought the power price action day trading course on how to day trade and love it! starting training next week! thanks!

    1. I am looking forward to having you attend the training. the room has been well received, and be sure to log in early to the trading room.
      emini sp, and currencies and some forex are reviewed, taught and explained.

  3. ok so i want to learn how to trade e-mini sp500 but i want to use the powerpriceaction method of trading. Can i trade the power price action at powerpriceaction using Think or Swim or Even Open E Cry? I don’t have a ninja trader or TradeStation account. Have you had any expierince in the Forex sector. Futures trading needs margin and i can only trade one contract. My goal is take one day trade 10 emini contracts successfully.

    1. Charts are charts, no matter OEC, think or swim, ninjaTrader, Tradestation – does not matter becuase price action can be traded on any platform. Power Price Action is intended to trade emini, so start slow, one contract is fine, the goal is to do it right, and trade consistently.
      if you have questions please email me at support@dayradetowin.com or call toll free 888-607-0008
      thanks JP

    1. day traders in Asia are growing and we have a few from Thailand which are excellent day traders. skype me if you have any questions.

  4. Just killing some time as the market is range bound now, and found your article on Digg. Not usually what I prefer to examine, however it was absolutely price action that really interested me in your way of trading. Can you tell me if this works on Forex or Currencies. My main market is Euro Currency and EUSUSD – thnks

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