Using Atlas Line & ATO 2 Together to Confirm Trades

Let’s see what happens when you combine the ATO 2 and the Atlas Line. When multiple methods confirm the same direction, some traders think that’s a good thing, and take trades they wouldn’t otherwise take or go for larger profits. Let’s see what happens to John Paul in this video…

The Atlas Line software provided a short signal at 2548. By applying NinjaTrader’s Chart Trader, you can see exactly where the profit target and stops were placed. Notice the ATM Strategy in use (bottom of SuperDOM window), which applied the profit target and stop loss right when entering the trade. In John Paul’s training, he covers how to spot overbought and oversold markets (risky conditions). Look at the distance between the blue dashed Atlas Line and price down below. The best trades occur when price is closer to the Atlas Line because generally, the stops will be smaller.

The profit target for this high-risk trade is 2.04. According to the strategy, current market conditions potentially allow for two points (8 ticks) of profit. Trading is relative – the slower the market, the smaller the profit target. The faster the market, the larger the profit target. However, conditions that are too fast and too slow exist. We cover those rules as well during the training.

John Paul applies the ATO 2 software at around 3:20 in the video. Look at how the signal matches the Atlas Line exactly. Of course, these two methods and their calculations are very much different. Normally, John Paul may have ignored this Atlas Line trade because of the overbought/sold conditions. The additional confirmation is helpful in this case.

Part of the Mentorship Program is learning how to combine all of our strategies into a sort of mental flowchart, where different conditions will trigger your use of various techniques. The market needs to “tell you” that it’s ready, then it’s up to you to apply the method.

Spoiler alert – the trade resulted in a seven or eight tick winner. If you are interested in either the ATO 2 or Atlas Line, let us know. You can always contact us regarding special pricing when purchasing multiple strategies at once.

Understanding the 24-hour Time Format on Day Trading Charts

In the U.S. at least, the everyday person does not often encounter the 24-hour time format or “military time” as it’s sometimes called. New traders often encounter the 24-hour format when looking at charts. To assist with understanding, we’ve written this little guide.

Unfortunately, many trading platforms (NinjaTrader included) do not provide charts with regular time. You’re stuck looking at the 24-hour format.

However, with some mental math and a bit of memorization, working with the 24-hour time format can get easier:

• From 1 a.m. to noon regular time, the 24-hour time format is the same, so no conversion is needed.

• From 1 p.m. to midnight regular time, you can subtract 12 from the 24-hour time to get the regular time. For example, 13:00 – 12 = 1:00 p.m. regular time. Another example: 23:30 – 12 = 11:30 p.m. regular time.

• On some 24-hour clocks and perhaps NinjaTrader charts, you may see either 00:00 or 24:00 representing midnight. However, once a second rolls past the midnight hour, the time will start with “00”. For example, 00:00:01 is  12:00:01 a.m. regular time.

• Minutes and seconds behave the same in both time formats. Count up to to 59 seconds, and a new minute begins with the next second.

• If you need to convert a time zone to local time, you will still add or subtract the time zone difference between your time zone to the other geographical region. Not much changes. After your time zone conversion math is done, use the concepts described above to change the format to 24-hour or regular time.

If you want to get used to the 24-hour time faster, consider using a wristwatch that also has 24-hour times listed or adjust your smartphone’s time display.

This conversion website and the following reference pictures may further help your understanding.

NinjaTrader Chart 24-Hour Time Format

24-Hour Charting Clock

Trade Management in Any Market – Webinar Recording

John Paul conducted a live public webinar today where he shared his charts with other traders. The main topic of this webinar was trade management. Trade management includes everything from order placement, to monitoring the market while you’re in a trade, to getting out at either a profit or loss.

For your convenience, here is a list of what was discussed along with the times:

  • 5:00 – using the ATR to gauge market tradability and use for targets and stops
  • 7:30 – buyers, sellers, electronic market info, moving orders, and limit orders
  • 11:00 – pitfalls of morning market activity when the bell rings
  • 12:50 – more details on limit orders
  • 15:30 – MIT orders: what they are and how to place them
  • 21:00 – interpreting NinjaTrader’s Time and Sales window
  • 22:30 – what to do when your target doesn’t get hit
  • 24:30 – how to protect yourself using ATM Strategies
  • 26:40 – front-running trades for better fills
  • 28:30 – today’s Atlas Line signals and how it works
  • 37:00 – how to use our free news event software and trading news events
  • 41:20 – today’s Trade Scalper signals
  • 46:00 – overbought and oversold conditions
  • 48:00 – best practices for getting out of positions / closing trades
  • 50:40 – a look at today’s ATO 2 signals and how the software works

If you want to get all of our courses and software in one complete package, take a look at our Mentorship Program. If you want to start off with just one strategy (like the Trade Scalper, ATO 2, or Atlas Line), head on over to our courses page.

NinjaTrader 8 SuperDOM Trading Video

If you’re using NinjaTrader, you will need to know how to place trades. This video is a quick guide that will teach you how to use NinjaTrader 8’s SuperDOM. Think of the SuperDOM as a remote control that is used to place your trades and interact with the market.

Our next Group Mentorship class begins Oct. 10, 2017. All courses and software are included with lifetime licenses. Click here to enroll today and receive the first week’s course and software (ATO 2).

January Effect Prediction Is Correct so Far

The E-mini reached all-time highs recently. If you’ve been following our videos, you probably saw how John Paul predicted a year-long bullish trend back in January of this year. Again, the January Effect is proving accurate. This video is a recap of the activity.

To begin, take a look at the Friday, Sep. 29 Atlas Line signals. A number of good signals were provided. The Atlas Line is great for 5-min charts, but it is not meant to be used for daily charts. Daily charts are what you use to see the January Effect in play. Here’s how the January Effect works: if price closed higher at the end of January as compared to the price early in the month, expect a bullish (upward trending) year. Of course, no trading strategy is 100% accurate, so expect some exceptions for some years. Even if the January Effect is applicable (and some years it isn’t), you will still find prolonged periods where price falls. That can be dangerous, but the great part about trading futures is that you can potentially make money by shorting the market.

When price drops, that’s your opportunity to start looking for an entry point. Using the January Effect, you have an expectation the market will eventually retrace. When it begins to retrace, you can place a trade and ride the market up, hopefully making profit. How do you know when the market is ready to go long? Look for a retracement (upward movement after a downward period) of 5 days or more. Use NinjaTrader’s Fibonacci tool. You can customize the tool to show you halfway (50%) between two points (a high and low). Enter in a few points after teh 50% level. Wait until the market moves through the 50% with momentum. That’s where you place the trade.

Keep watching the video for more trading tips and clarification. If you want to learn everything John Paul has to teach you, we have a new Group Mentorship class that begins Oct. 10. You get all of our courses and software at a reduced price. It’s a great deal. Click here to learn more or call us at 1-888-607-0008.

New Group Mentorship Class Starts Nov. 1, 2017 – Call Us at 1-888-607-0008 for Details

Day Trading CoachA new Group Private Mentorship class begins November 1, 2017. Eight weeks of live training with John Paul will teach you everything you need to know to successfully trade futures and currencies. All courses and software are included with full, non-expiring licenses. This new session has classes twice each week.

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What’s included?
• Live coaching with Day Trade to Win founder John Paul
• Atlas Line® software
• Roadmap method
• Blueprint method (as taught in Power Price Action)
• X-5 method (as taught in the Floor Trader Secrets Manual)
• At the Open (ATO) Course
• Trade Scalper Course
• Price Action Scalping Course
• ABC Pattern
• How to Filter Trades
• How to Trade the News
• How to Set Up Your Charts
• How Manipulation Works

…plus much more!

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Roll Over Your E-mini Charts Sep. 7, 2017

Tomorrow, Sep. 7, 2017 remember to roll over your E-mini S&P charts to ES 12-17. September 7 is the rollover day for CME equity index futures. The actual expiration date is Sep. 15, but most roll over on the exact roll date. Some traders prefer to wait until the new contract period has absorbed the majority of the volatility. You can check current volatility levels on this page.

To roll over in NinjaTrader 8, you can follow NinjaTrader’s instructions or ours below.

How to roll over:

1. In NinjaTrader 8’s Control Center, go to Tools > Database Management

2. If you’re looking at these instructions on Sep. 7 or after, you should see that the ES is in the list to roll over. Click the Rollover button.

That’s pretty much all you have to do!

If you have any open charts, make sure they’re set to ES 12-17. Look in the upper-left corner of the chart. If needed, select ES 12-17 by clicking where it says ES 09-17 > Futures > ES 12-17.

See this video for further help:

Labor Day 2017 Trading Hours

Labor Day 2017 Trading HoursAs a reminder, Monday, September 4 is a Federal holiday here in the U.S., so expect market interruption. Labor Day is always observed the first Monday in September.

Here’s the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) schedule for equity products, which includes the E-mini S&P:

• On Friday, Sep. 1, markets will close at the regular time

• On Sunday, Sep. 3, markets will open at the regular time

On Monday, Sep. 4 (Labor Day), markets will halt (close early) at 1:00 p.m. US/Eastern (New York time, UTC-4)

On Monday, Sep. 4 (Labor Day), markets will resume at 6:00 p.m. US/Eastern (New York time, UTC-4)

These times also apply to the CME’s interest rate, FX, energy, metal, and DME products. Click here for the official page with trading hours.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the purpose of Labor Day is to recognize “…the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”

Here is a full list of 2017 trading holidays.

Volatility is Back Webinar Replay

If you missed Friday’s webinar, don’t miss the replay! You will see exactly how the Atlas Line signals were generated on the chart, along with the ATO 2 firing off right at the end. The E-mini S&P 500 and similar markets have shown increased volatility. Don’t wait for the market to get any higher – the opportunity to start trading is now!

You will see the software in action and learn some great tips. The ATR tool shows price consistently hitting around 2 to 3 points. This makes for great trading. Watch the replay and see for yourself…

Many topics were covered. The traders in the room had many great questions. Watch the Atlas Line and ATO 2 explanations on why price action is the best way to conquer the markets, especially during the volatile days ahead.

There’s no guessing. We also know the direction (long) because of the ATO 2 long signal that appears on the chart. The trade took a while, so the video is sped up. The ATO 2 software is quite easy. And by the way, we have rules for getting out of the trade. If this trade didn’t work out, John Paul would exit the position soon after.

We wanted to share this with you because many traders wanted to see the result. Pick the trading course, software, or class that’s right for your directly from this page. We look forward to helping you learn the strategy and don’t forget this date: August 28, 2017. That’s when the next Group Mentorship class begins. Yes, you fully learn everything it takes to understand the markets and the live instruction can’t be beat. After purchase, our support team can also help you install and configure NinjaTrader 8 and the price action software.

Trade Worth 2+ Points Spotted by ATO 2 Software

Look at this ATO 2 trade that occurred as John Paul was ending today’s live webinar. He left the recorder running, showing this E-mini trade was worth +2.25 points. On the E-mini, that’s $112.50 if you’re trading one contract. If you’re trading more contracts, just multiply. How did we know that profit was worth +2.25? By looking at the ATR tool on the bottom of the chart. It’s used as a real-time indication of volatility potential. We do a simple calculation and we know what we may be able to expect from the market. In this case, the profit target was 2445.00. There’s no guessing. We also know the direction (long) because of the ATO Long signal that appears on the chart. The trade took a while, so the video is sped up. The ATO 2 software is quite easy. And by the way, we have rules for getting out of the trade. If this trade didn’t work out, John Paul would exit the position soon after.

We’re going to post the rest of the webinar, soon. We wanted to share this with you because many traders wanted to see the result. The ATO 2 can be purchased directly from this page. We look forward to helping you learn the strategy. Yes, you fully learn how it works. Using the indicator software is optional. It’s all based on price action. After purchase, our support team can also help you install and configure NinjaTrader.