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AutoPilot Automated Trading System

Let Our Software Trade for You

In DayTradeToWin's 13+ years in operation, AutoPilot is the first automated trading system I have ever offered.

Yes, I have waited that long to truly deliver something of quality. After rigorous backtesting and live testing, I am now ready to offer it to you...

And I am grateful after all these years to be in a position to help you on your path of realizing your dreams.

More great news – you do not need to be a genius or rich person to be a successful trader. AutoPilot is designed for everyday, regular people like you. The idea is simple: turn it on, let it run on its own or manage each trade AutoPilot offers. Auto Pilot does all the work for you.

No other system out there is doing what AutoPilot does. The entire methodology is based on solid price action principles.

Day trading performance
Catches Big Moves
Multiple Trades Daily
Day trading markets
Trade Multiple Markets
Day trading algorithm
Totally Unique
Price Action Algo

How AutoPilot is Designed

Price Action Decides It All

We analyzed vast amounts of chart data, noticed what worked again and again, then automated what worked. That's what AutoPilot is. That's what you'll be using.

  • Focuses on specific periods of the day
  • Designed to hold on to the big moves
  • Designed to limit the time/exposure in each trade
  • Targets and stops can be independently configured
  • Avoids trading unnecessarily
  • Compatible with today's volatile conditions
  • Daily profit loss management option
  • Can be configured to trade other markets
  • Set the amount of time to be in each trade
  • Let the system trade for you or take control
  • Uses break-even to limit losses
  • Backtested and configured for optimum potentials

Let's Get Started

Here's What You Need to Know

AutoPilot trades occur during specific periods of the day. Really, this is ideal. Yes, we have narrowed down specific time frames that work best throughout the day. This helps limit the exposure of your trading account. Other automated systems can subject your account to increased risk with around-the-clock trading. Not AutoPilot!

AutoPilot is designed for (E-mini) or MES (Micro E-mini) charts.

NQ (Nasdaq) and MNQ (Micro Nasdaq) charts are also compatible. We will provide you with the ES/MES and NQ/MNQ settings.

Plug in the strategy, optionally adjust the settings, then let 'er rip!

AutoPilot chart 1 AutoPilot chart 2

Long (buy) and short (sell) trades, including stops and profit targets, are automatically placed depending on price action conditions. Conservatively, AutoPilot places two (2) to six (6) trades per day. Adjust the settings for even more trades.

You still have the choice to trade when you want and how you want. AutoPilot can be configured to trade overnight (the evening session) as well.

To use the AutoPilot system with a live/funded account, we recommend starting slow and working your way up. You may use a sim account (recommended at first) before graduataing into Micros (MES or MNQ) on your own live/funded account. Included is access to training videos, support, and free Ninja Trader download.

AutoPilot chart 3 AutoPilot chart 4

You do not need to rush into trading and invest a ton of money behind this system. In fact, you are encouraged to start slow and grow your trading account. See how it works. See the results. You should be confident, comfortable, and in control.

AutoPilot Trading System
AutoPilot Monthly – $499
AutoPilot Yearly Special – $1,495
  • Automated trading strategy
  • Designed for NinjaTrader 8
  • Multiple trades per day
  • Automated profits and stops
  • For ES/MES and NQ/MNQ futures
  • You are in control of each trade
  • Includes optimal settings
  • Includes training video
  • Includes live training session
  • Daily profit/loss management
  • Members area access included

Want AutoPilot and Mentorship? Enroll in Accelerated Mentorship and get AutoPilot as a Bonus!

AutoPilot chart 1 AutoPilot chart 2 AutoPilot chart 3 AutoPilot chart 4
"I just wanted give a quick report on my SIM trading with the AutoPilot…I have traded yesterday and today in SIM account with (1) contract...I traded the ES and I set the time from 8:50am CST - 12:30pm CST. Yesterday I profited $787.50. Today I profited $1,225.00. Very nice! I will use real money next week on the MES and test the new settings you sent today. I will keep you posted!"
— PR, AutoPilot User
"...this is a game changer for me and takes a lot of the stress out of trading... Since I'm using mostly the MES right now until my account gets larger, I do like to trade more than 1 contract so I would be interested in doing that. I'm looking forward to trying it again tomorrow with some smaller profit targets and more trades. Today I used the larger target and was up by $1200 at one point! Most I've ever been up before! So fun! Thanks again for giving me this opportunity."
— DM, AutoPilot User
AutoPilot Trading System
AutoPilot Monthly – $499
Buy Now
AutoPilot Yearly – $1,495
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Ready to Go a Little Deeper?

Here's How AutoPilot Works

Within NinjaTrader, AutoPilot can be found in the Strategies area. Add AutoPilot, configure its settings, click Enable, then click Apply. AutoPilot will then find trades and place them for you based on the time settings and the method's unique algorithm.

Automated trading for retail traders
2x Ways to Use
Use your personal computer or a remote cloud computer (VPS) to run the system.
Member Access
Your Member account contains all the latest market values to use and training.
Hands-free Trading
Why sit in front of your computer all day long? Leave the trading to AutoPilot.
AutoPilot V2
Want to trade multiple contracts? AutoPilot+ is unlocked.
Complete Training
The included live training and training video ensure you fully understand it all.
Included Support
Have a question? Use the Member site or email us at
AutoPilot Trading System
AutoPilot Monthly – $499
Buy Now
AutoPilot Yearly – $1,495
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Automated trading day trader

What is Automated Futures Trading?

A Better Way to Trade

Automated trading, also called algorithmic or "algo" trading, is when computer software buys and sells on your behalf.

Yes, "algorithmic" is a fancy word. However, the word's meaning is simple. It's when a computer automates the trading process. You do not need to be financial expert or a computer expert.

Some algorthmic systems are called trading bots or trading robots.

AutoPilot was designed for everyday, regular people/traders like you. In your Member account, we include everything needed to get you started. Download the software, watch the training videos, plug it in, and let the system do its thing! Also, don't forget to attend the live training.

Why Automated Trading?

  • Do other things (live your life) while the system trades for you; great for busy people or those who don't want to sit in front of a computer!
  • Helps with uncertainty, missed setups, indecision, and emotions
  • The goal is low-effort/low-stress winning trades

Does AutoPilot Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) or a Neural Network?

These days, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is misleading. What is often marketed as AI is actually just the intake of a large data set with specific computations applied via decades-old computer logic (if/then/true/false) conditions.

But wait, I thought AI was magical!

...Most "AI" systems operate the same way as regular programs. A computer's processor and other chips process computer code one instruction at a time.

That said, yes, the AutoPilot system was developed using large data sets and refinement. However, we don't use the term "AI" because it's often an inflated trendy word.

Why Are Futures Great?

  • Futures are not restricted by the PDT (pattern day trader) rule. That means you do not need a big $25,000 in a trading account. You can trade futures with far less. You can take as many trades as you can comfortably afford or your broker or platform allows (i.e., intraday margin requirements and broker commissions).
  • All E-mini futures trades are cleared through a centralized exchange (i.e., CME Group). Futures also use the FIFO ("first in, first out") rule, ensuring fairness in order execution. In comparison, forex involves a "middleperson" or "dealing desk" that processes orders. This can raise concern about transparency and fairness.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Automated trading support

Currently, NinjaTrader only works on Windows. So, if you have a Mac computer or just want the stability/reliability/performance of a separate computer for trading, consider getting a VPS that runs Windows. A VPS is like your own rented Windows computer in the cloud. You can remotely log into the VPS computer and configure it for trading.

If you need help getting set up with NinjaTrader or real-time data for practice or testing, feel free to reach us at Our instructional guides and videos are among the best in the industry and significantly speed up learning.

AutoPilot Trading System
AutoPilot Monthly – $499
Buy Now
AutoPilot Yearly – $1,495
Buy Now
"Just after testing this morning, I just need half of the suggested profit in ticks under the new ES/MES strategy variation for Aggressive Trading. Right now, I don't think my ATM settings work with the Autopilot, but the entries are great."
— MJ, AutoPilot User
"Just wanted to pass on the AP trade performance for me today. I ran all 6 scenarios on micros with the exact settings you recommended. All but one were in the green, as you can see."
— RS, AutoPilot User

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