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Why the E-mini Is the Best Market to Trade

Why Day Trade?

In May 2004, the U.S. Departed of Labor declared that 20.7 million persons performed some type of work at home as part of their primary job. One-third of these persons were self-employed (approximately 7 million persons). While we have no statistics to determine exactly what occupations these persons had, it is safe to say that working from home is becoming a more desirable option opposed to a traditional work environment. With the U.S. economic recession in 2008, millions of workers (in the U.S. and worldwide) had to find new employment, and in many cases, reinvent themselves. With a mild increase in economic performance, the U.S. has not fully recovered. Stay-at-home income, either full-time or supplementary, is still highly sought after. In recent years, we at Day Trade To Win have noticed an increase in the amount of people wanting to learn day trading.

What Type of Day Trading?

To learn day trading, a minimum of $3,000 to $5,000 is recommended for futures trading. Futures trading, as compared to other types of trading, is less expensive to get into, is regulated and performs consistently enough to provide an income (if traded correctly). Day trading stocks is far more expensive, requiring $25,000 or more plus significant broker fees. Forex trading can be less expensive than futures trading, but is far more risky – it’s a free for all with no regulation. Futures trading is based in the United States and adheres and is monitored pursuant to government requirements. The most popular futures contract is the E-mini S&P, offering excellent day-to-day volatility. When trading the E-mini, you can make money when the marking is climbing or falling – something you can’t do with stocks.

What is Required?

Aside from the financial assets already mentioned, E-mini trading requires a basic understanding of how the markets work, a license to day trading software and/or data service, an understanding of how to operate the day trading software and a broker to place trades with. To get traders on the road to success, we offer a 30 day trial for NinjaTrader day trading software through Optimus Futures (a brokerage service). This trial period allows you to learn how NinjaTrader works and trading basics – trading terminology, how to place orders and interpret charts. In addition, you can use live data for simulated trading – no money is actually used. NinjaTrader provides a complete list of partner brokers here: http://www.ninjatrader.com/partners. While rates vary, the actual round-trip price for placing E-mini trades is relatively inexpensive. After you become comfortable enough trading, the next logical step is to purchase a software license and get connected through a broker. This is a common mistake. Traders often burn through accounts in a couple of weeks and give up. To be successful, the next step is to learn day trading through course or live training.

What Type of Day Trading Course?

There are hundreds of indicators, day trading systems, vendors and instructors out there. Most of them are excellent marketers – they sell a product, promise the moon and then disappear or refer you to the fine print. If an educator seems reputable, chances are he or she is selling an indicator or other software-based solution. We advise against this type of approach – the quick sale, because there is no actual education provided. A trader’s hopes and dreams are controlled by each mark drawn on the chart by the indicator. This is not a long term solution because markets change and indicators cannot adapt. Instead, the best approach to learn day trading is learning a skill like price action.

What is Price Action Trading?

Price action trading is day trading in its purest form – apply unique strategies based on price as it occurs live on the charts. Price action traders use only the chart and the action of price to determine how to enter, how to exit and how many points to go for. Price action trading usually focuses on recognizing trade setups – that is, formations of candles or any other graphical representation of price. Once a pattern is recognized, a price action trader engages the trade according to the rules. Since price action is based on real-time information and an understanding of the market, the trader is fully in control. Also, an inherent property of price action is adaptability. Price action strategies, like those we offer here at Day Trade To Win, are cross-compatible. That means the more price action methods you are able to recognize, the better you are at filtering out unsuccessful trades and maximizing profits on the big moves. To put it simply, there is no better way to trade than price action. That’s why our focus is exclusively on teaching this technique with the best methods available. Learn day trading from experts on the subject.

What Day Trading Course is Best for Me?

We offer eight unique solutions to learn day trading – all of which are listed on our courses page. All courses come with free customer support and most include live training. All courses are written with beginners in mind, although experienced traders will receive the same benefit.

The best solution for any trader is to take the Accelerated Mentorship+ Program. Mentorship teaches 11+ unique price action methods through eight weeks of either one-on-one or group instruction. Every day trading course (with accompanying software) is included. Mentorship holds nothing back – every day trading secret is revealed.

Day traders who are just starting off and do not want to commit to eight training weeks often purchase a scalping course (such as the Trade Scalper or Price Action course). While either method offers a great way to make profits, we recommend the Scalping Mastery Combo package, so you can learn to trade “countertrend” or with the trend.

For visual learners, our new Power Price Action course provides four DVDs that teach several unique trade setups. Eight weeks of training are also included with this PPA course, ensuring that every trader walks away with a complete understanding. A 50+ page color workbook is included too – a perfect reference guide with plenty of charts.

The ATO 2 (At the Open 2) method has been a favorite among E-mini traders for a number of years. It is Day Trade To Win’s first product and continues to provide traders with consistent profits. Many traders use the ATO 2 exclusively; trading no other system for income.

Other than Private Mentorship, our most popular day trading solution is the Atlas Line. Although it appears similar to an indicator, the software is entirely price action based. Traders who use the Atlas Line are able to determine (with great accuracy) where price is headed – long or short and place trades before the big moves. The live training, included with the software, teaches how to use each of the order signals in combination with the line itself for maximum profits.

What’s the Next Step?

Learn to day trade based on proof. We teach it and preach it every day through our price action courses, free webinar training events and live training. If you’re still stumped regarding what to purchase or about day trading in general, you can contact us by phone at 888-607-0008 or by e-mail at support@daytradetowin.com. Our staff is very friendly as we’re based in Florida. We hope to have you as a client to learn day trading in the near future!

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