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*Results can vary โ€“ no guarantee of specific results or performance. Trading is risky and hypothetical performance is not indicative of future results. Testimonials may not be indicative of every experience.

I started trading and learning back in 2019. My journey- I bought a penny stock trading course, and while the teacher was great and had success, I saw the winning patterns after the move was made. I was never taught how to identify before the big move came and honestly could not figure out alone. Next I learnt from a very good teacher how to trade large caps, and found some success but not enough because large caps require large capital. . Last year I bought the trade scalper and Atlas line and practiced on the sim, but I was never approved for futures account by the broker I wanted. This year I have obtained the Accelerated Mentorship, after being approved to open an account by a broker, a few weeks into learning and SIM trading I have started trading 2 contracts of the micro e-mini, the results are really good with successful trades exceeding the failed trades.. I have been struggling with my old habits of guessing the markets and honestly, majority of failed trades were when I did not follow the rules. Working on my discipline and looking forward to a rewarding trading career. I would confidently say the accelerated mentorship is worth my investment. The course is well laid out with educational videos that are clear and to the point. The support team is quick to respond and deal with any queries fast. Thank you JP, Chad and Victor and Team for the support.

โ€“ S.M., Dubai

Thanks, I got on the training & it was great! See screenshot of my goal I was able to accomplish within 45 minutes of getting off of the Mentorship call! ๐Ÿ˜ (Small profit to guru traders, but I’m excited to get clarity!)

โ€“ M.J., California

I wanted to say thank you to DTTW for the sharing of knowledge and service they provide! I have traded off and on for 20 yearsโ€ฆ.always on the short end at the end of the year. I retired 1 1/2 years ago and decided I wanted to spend my time trading AND making money. I purchased the Scalper and Atlas Line and incorporated them into a charting combination I had developed. The results have been phenomenal!! I have been growing and learning daily! The trading tips provided by JP and his support team have been awesome and I believe they were the key in turning my trading around!!

โ€“ K.W., Iowa

Just purchased your Trade Scalper indicator last week. I’ve been trading the indices for over ten years. Price action. This indicator of yours is amazing.

โ€“ S.D., South Carolina

The Atlas Line is “independent” in its approach from the Trade Scalper signals. The closer the Atlas Line entry signal to the line itself, the better. Not more than 2x the ATR at the start of the session or overbought. I have found that an Atlas Line signal and a Trade Scalper signal that are close together, almost on top of one another, is a very strong signal. The beginning of the day, starting at 8 a.m. coming out of the 3 a.m. (Euro) open, is the method i’ve been looking for. My second trades are coming post the 9:55 a.m. Atlas Line. Typically, I finish my day by 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. I’ve been close to 90% starting at 8 a.m. using a 1-Minute chart for the last two weeks prior to this past Monday. Monday was a “lottery” day. It’s been pretty dead the last few days (before Memorial Day weekend) so I have stopped trading until Tuesday given the holiday. Thanks for the clarity! Have a nice Memorial Day weekend.

โ€“ J.S., New Jersey

Good day all. I completed the Mentorship in December and have been having some great success. I am now looking to set up my travel laptop with NT8 and the DTTW indicators. Can they be added to 2 computers at the same time? Thanks for the help.

โ€“ D.L., United Kingdom

I recently bought your Scalper program and really like it. I am also interested in the ATO 2 and Roadmap…Thanks for your assistance and the great software.

โ€“ C.R., Utah

This is [S.N.], one of the students from the April 20th Mentorship class. I have been trading the simulation account for the past one week using the Trade Scalper, Roadmap and the knowledge that I get from the class. I am extremely happy with the results that I am getting! Thought of sharing this with you! Please see the attached tracker/ lessons learned. Thanks for the help! Have a nice weekend.

โ€“ S.N., Indiana

You can count on one thing. If you learn to trade properly by good teachers and maintain the discipline to trade that way, you will be successful. Otherwise, you might as well take your money and head for Vegas and gamble. DayTradeToWin is who taught me the proper mechanics for trading futures. To me, it is the easiest way to trade futures. They will drill you through the mechanics for 8 weeks so that you can 1) understand why the trade is set up the way it is and 2) you can begin to “read” setups. Practice, practice, practice.

โ€“ R.O., Texas

Just wanted to let you know, I made my first trade with the ATO 2. I read the course last night and followed the instructions. I was happy to see that what I understood and what the indicator showed was spot on. First time I ever understood why an indicator does what it does. Thanks again for your help. Have a great weekend.

โ€“ C.C., Texas

Guys, just an observation for two weeks. [Trade Scalper] works better for me; 99% right on 5-Minute chart โ€“ works best. Look into it. Real perfect with the 5-Minute chart.

โ€“ N.M., Florida

I should be able to join the Mentorship Program. I am still practicing the Atlas Line, and so far, I see positive results.

โ€“ S.M., Dubai

Thank you for the Trade Scalper tool. It works like a charm.

โ€“ V.B., Georgia

Hi John Paul! Love the Trade Scalper. Just 2 curious questions, and I’m sure you’ve been asked this a MILLION times…

โ€“ J.R., Michigan

Thanks so much!! I plan to also purchase the Atlas Line in a week or so. Loving the results from Trade Scalper so far.

โ€“ C.Y., Maryland

I like how the scalper plots the entry (thumbs up). I never though scalping with price action could be this simple.

โ€“ S.S., Michigan

Hello Support. Want to say a special thanks to your tech team for kindness, patience, and professional manner in regard to reloading the Trade Scalper on my Ninja platform. Also, thank you for allowing me to attend the training session today. It was great. It is great to know when you need help, the DayTradeToWin staff are there for you. Really appreciate it. Thanks much.

โ€“ D.A., Florida

Great! Thank you! Really helpful. I have been avoiding the part 2 because it wasn’t working for me, but I know see where I was messing up. I have been trading the Part I with excellent success. I’ve been able to trade every day this week with it.

โ€“ M.M., Tennessee

I have done long term investment where I buy and hold stocks for the past 2 years now but day trading is a new thing for me. Today was the first day I went on live. I have good results. I was able to place a two trades following the signals on the chart.

โ€“ H.V., California

Thank you for the tutorial today! I can see that the Trade Scapler can be very powerful and helpful.

โ€“ J.M., California

A comprehensive trading approach that will allow you to avoid the pitfalls of most traders by using a rules based methodology encompassing entries, exits, trade management and macro perspective.

โ€“ N.L., Canada

Hoping all is well. I went live this morning (Wed 1/17/18), and took my first trade for 2 ticks on ES through our DTTW strategy. Thank you very much JP for giving me the opportunity. Thank you very much, greatly appreciate. I would always need your help, support and blessings on this journey. God bless you richly.

โ€“ S.R., California

The X-5 part B is working so well that it seems to easy. Today, it put me in a really good mood. It cant always be like this. It seems to be one of the higher percentage positive outcomes. Am I right on this point? I also noticed that on a S&P weekly chart and applying the principles of the Blueprint could tip one off as to market direction in the future. It’s only a matter of time things could get very ugly for the market longs. My personal analyzing of the S&P of advances and declines and the weeks counted in earlier moves. Mid-March looks like it could be the start of a correction. Thanks John Paul for teaching these principles, It truly gives us retail participants a fighting chance, it puts us on par with the professionals.

โ€“ M.I., Pennsylvania

I have been trading Future since 2012 and in my education purchased a mentorship with John Paul at Day Trade to Win. He walked me through methodically reviewing each market and making calculated and informed trades. My trading plan has evolved since then, but I still rely on these indicators for my technical analysis.

โ€“ S.B., Kentucky

I think the most important part of trading is having the patience and following what JP’s rules and guidelines are for each strategy. When a trade turns against me, I almost always see right away what I did wrong. You have to act upon what the market is giving you, not on what you think! Get in and out as fast as possible.

โ€“ C.T., New Hampshire

Been trading for approx two years now using DTTW strategies and indicators. Most successful strategies I’ve used in nine years of trading. Simplifies trading down to price patterns and being aware of current real time news events. Highly recommend.

โ€“ G.W., Arizona

I have tried other courses out there, but keep coming back to the strategies that John Paul teaches. They are consistent and have been the only concepts that have made me re-think what is possible for us outsider trying to trade profitably. He is a very good teacher, and the strategies are meticulously outlined and easy to follow! Most importantly, he taught me to me patient and trust these concepts.

โ€“ E.D., Washington

It has been very good to have you as my mentor and the team as support. I am very confident, too, that I will be a successful trader. As you know, I trade live since some time and I was already able to book a trade into my account.

โ€“ D.K., Germany

I use the Atlas Line and ATO software. They give specific, timely entries on the E-mini. It takes some time to understand which entries to take and which ones to avoid. I have been successful with DTTW trading software. Their support is excellent!

โ€“ T.W., Arizona

You’re right on the money โ€“ typed it in will give it a test drive in the morning. I have only been dealing with you guys a short time. All I have to say is GLORIOUS. It’s nice to get such a quick and fast response. I made my first successful trade today on the Chase the Trade. John Paul is DA man. DA is better than The Man. You guys don’t know how frustrated I was with indicators and oscillators. Thank you guys and thank John Paul for me. I was really impressed that he called me after my initial inquiry about your guys products. It gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling that I made the right choice in your software. Hope not to be too much of a pest with questions in the future.

โ€“ C.M., New Jersey

I have been semi-trading for almost a year now. I halfway (long story) purchased a lifetime membership to [redacted] for the e-mini s&p. So, I was leery, to say the least to purchased anything else. I have traded your scalping software for three days now (day and night) and I am completely happy!

โ€“ W.H., California

Honest, supportive, dedicated and professional; these are just some of the attributes I use to describe John Paul and his team at Day Trade to Win. After spending thousands of dollars on various courses and software, and years trusting in many self-acclaimed โ€˜expertsโ€™, I have finally come across an organisation who truly stands by their products, and honours their commitment to helping students succeed. To John Paul and his team, I say a very big thank you.

โ€“ B.K., Washington

Thank you for the great training and terrific support when I needed it. John you are a great, thorough, and patient teacher of these methods. I would have liked to been there every minute of the instruction but work just didn’t allow it so videos have been very helpful. I would gladly refer anyone as opportunity arises. Thanks again for an eye opening and great experience.

โ€“ K.H., Kansas

The class falls during my surgical procedure hours so sometimes I am just wrapping up and don’t quite get to class on time. I have learned much and I appreciate the pace and explanations. I have traded forex for a number of years and been somewhat successful but the spreads are crazy anymore. This is my first attempt at the futures market and I am really focusing on the e-mini. I am just a few short years from retiring and looking to this modality for providing for my wife and I in retirement. I have been successful with what you are teaching, of course some losses but more great trades too! The filtering and use of the ATR are absolutely a superior key that I rely on heavily.

โ€“ K.H., Kansas

You know, in my sim trading yesterday with the PAS, x5 & RoadMap..8 trades..8 wins.. That’ll sure spoil a person. Same thing this morning. This seems too easy when the market moves like it has been. The light bulbs are really starting to come on. I have read the PAS manual many times, all of them actually. And I really like your comments like “I don’t want to ride this market, I want to take from it and be done. Don’t get greedy. I like your objective way explaing the stops and targets. “Be done by noon” I think the vast majority of people in the market that think they are traders, are actually just gamblers. Always, guessing what they “think” the market will do or where it’s going..who cares? Just watch the price and let the market show where it’s going.. Thank you for all the literally life changing information and patient coaching.. I wouldn’t take 5 grand for my multi-lines indicator..LOL

โ€“ M.S., Missouri

John, I appreciate the mentoring that you gave me and the group. I am confident that I can successfully trade the Emini with the instruction that you gave us. I just want everyone to know that John Paul has the heart of a teacher. He wants his students to learn and understand each and every concept. He is patient and very thorough. I also appreciate Chad and the tech support. He is always available and very helpful. The tutoring was well worth it and believe that there will be profitable days ahead. Thank you.

โ€“ S.Z., Oklahoma

Had my first ah-ah moment year, it finbally clicked when i started using price action. Now my trading income is greater than my other income so I’m leaving Las Vegas to go live in my two favorite places. Florida and South Carolina. I can’t thank you enough for the foundation in price action theory.

โ€“ M.T., Nevada

so i’ve done the unbelievably stupid thing and try to trade my own ways (not saying it wont eventually work) but i purchased the 6 month AL and chose to ‘ignore it’ to figure out my own strategy… i did not apply a decent risk management program with it and have since lost some of my account value. well i just want to say that all the trades i have made with the AL have been clear of when, why and how to manage the moves. I don’t know why i wont just stick with it… that all being said, once i make back some of this money sticking solely to the AL, i’d like to purchase the lifetime license…

โ€“ T.Y., New York

First I want to thank you for teaching this great DTTW Mentoring course. It has exceeded my expectations. I appreciate your realistic approach. Youโ€™ve covered everythingโ€ฆmanaging risk, choosing and managing trades, all your signals, etc. Many in this industry talk a big hype story that is unrealistic, misleading, and annoying. But your approach is perfectโ€ฆmatter of fact.

โ€“ C.D., Utah

Happy New Year John! 2015 has been my very best year in my personal trading… this it because of your Mentorship Program, John. My main goal for your program was to get my confidence back… 2015 has been a year of Confidence and thus a very good year of trading… at least for me and where I am. It has taken most of the first year or so to break all my bad trading habits, that’s been tough, but I think the last 7 months of 2015 has shown me a new way of being consistent. This is because of you, John! 2016 is set up for a good year in my trading. God bless you John for all your skills and inspiration and ability to convey a difficult topic – Day Trading!

โ€“ J.C., California

Thanks again for your great service. Always happy to have discover DDTW and make money because of you guys ๐Ÿ˜‰

โ€“ O.T., Canada

I had a great first day with the Scalper. I have been trading futures since 2009, but have never found the right scalping methodology. This is just beautiful, really nice.

โ€“ D. G., Washington

I have to tell you that I really appreciate all that you have done for me. I have been trading live for almost three weeks now. Learning a lot! Thanks again for getting me on the path to change my life! God Bless you.

โ€“ T. M., California

Hi JP I have been able to make consistent money with this system (X-5) using Forex on a Simulated Ninja account, but it appears it was really designed for E mini, something I did not realize when I purchased it.

โ€“ J. W., New Zealand

2 for 2 so far this monday for 15 ticks. Thanks for an incredible trading method JP! I’m going to 3 contracts this week.

โ€“ J. T., Nevada

Hello and Thank You for resending …! really am enjoying this course; too many, many “a-ha” moments to count…really appreciate JP’s laid back delivery style – certainly makes watching these videos a million times so much more enjoyable…all-in-all, this is “real” … great course!

โ€“ T. V., Florida

Thank you for your help. It appears I have it. You were awesome and the guides you gave me were awesome too. The support at other companies doesn’t compare to how you helped me. Appreciate it.

โ€“ C. M., California

Hi John Paul, I wanted to Thank You, tremendously. I’ve been watching your videos for years, while learning about the trading markets. While I haven’t purchased any of your software, I incorporated the ATR and it has taken my trading to all time improved levels. Thank you a MILLION! If you want any type of testimonial, I’d be more than happy to offer one to you anytime! Have a great evening, JJ

โ€“ J. J., Unknown

I been trading options /futures for 8-plus years lost money every year…John Paul’s training and how he teaches TRULY Is the best I’ve seen!! I have lost and spent WAY over $100,000 last 8 years in all the trading rooms and blowing my account out 3 times….I bought ATO I think like right after it came out or there after…..The info you provided in this mentorship is WAY more that I expected( TRULLY IT IS ….NO LIE)

โ€“ B. H., Washington

The cost of the course was paid for within a week of trading! What you teach is far more valuable than the duckets spent for my four-year college degree. (As far as ROI is concerned) The ATO, Roadmap, X5, Blueprint, Atlas Line, and Fibonnacci are all getting good workout and I’m done around 11:30 ET!!!

โ€“ B. M., Washington

I have just completed the Mentorship Program. John Paul provides you with exceptional course materials and tools combined with clear insightful teaching that sets you up to be confident and successful in day trading. Also the support staff is tremendous.

โ€“ T. L., California

Thank you so much for your teaching, and the time you have taken up with me. Today was my first live trading day with your software, and all i can say is WOW! I cant thank you enough, happening upon Day Trade to Win and your support staff was truly a blessing from the Lord.

โ€“ B. B., Alabama

Just wanted to say “thanks” for taking the extra time to correct my understanding of the Roadmap Strategy in yesterdayโ€™s class. I had missed the the one element about at times going back to the previous Roadmap A point. I made that adjustment this morning and successfully traded the Roadmap twice in the first two hours of trading today.

โ€“ P. R., Texas

Thank you so much! and YES I would LOVE to be in the next class… I like that your methods are SIMPLE, they make sense, they teach me a method I can use with or without indicators, help me UNDERSTAND the market and for me, it’s worth EVERY dime that I will work for to pay for it!!

โ€“ L. F., California

I found the course and it’s content really well structured and with so many different strategies it has given me a solid foundation for my trading. As a mentor you explained things very clearly and I never felt embarrassed to ask questions – you were always very helpful, nothing was ever too much. I particularly like the lessons being recorded so I can go back to them as and when for a refresher. Your support was excellent too – very helpful and efficient. I will happily recommend you.

โ€“ A. K., United Kingdom

John Paul, Your software is BAD ASS!!!!! I figure out the timing. A MUST for day traders. Thank you sir!

โ€“ F. M., California

Just wanted to thank you for the class yesterday. The explanation of the Price Action Scalping trade was so much clearer than the PDF course. I really appreciated the rules for this type of trade. I traded the ATO this morning and broke even. (My profit target didn’t fill, so I eventually time-stopped at break-even.) To me that was a learning experience how the correct way to manage trades. Then, I traded the Price Action Scalping trade (8) times. All winners! Just wanted to say “thanks!”. I really appreciate your teaching style and methodology!

โ€“ P. R., Texas

I am very pleased with John Paul’s Day Trade To Win. Over the last year and more I’ve considered many other mentorships. But John Paul’s methods of price action trump all others. I will study and practice all of the methods taught in this mentorship. I’ve learned more about trading than I thought.

โ€“ O.L., California

Your courses, support and teaching are terrific. You keep an ongoing professional and friendly attitude going on with your students. My understanding of market behaviour came from you. The Atlas Line and price actions are enough for any serious person to make a living from trading and stop looking around for the holy grail. I have been working with it for 2 years now. I do not recall any single time where I asked for your support and being denied. You are a great mentor and excellent human being.

โ€“ Michael, Montreal

I found the course very useful and extremely well taught. I will be in touch if I have any questions and will let you know once I go live.

โ€“ D. B., Singapore

Hi John Paul, Thank you for Mentorship program and teaching me in a way i could understand all methods that you use. I watched all these videos many times. You’re a great teacher, it was very easy to understand you, even for someone like me who’s English is second language.

โ€“ S. P., Washington

This is really new territory for me, but things are starting to come together, and I’m excited about becoming a knowledgeable, disciplined, and successful trader. There is so much to remember!! Thanks again for being there every day and getting back to me so fast!

โ€“ M. H., California

I’ll tell you Chad, this is unbelievable. All 3 trades yesterday were good and this morning’s trade right after the open was another great trade. I was an independent market maker on the floor of the CBOE for 22 years. I traded S&Ps against my options positions. I am well aware of the pitfalls. The concept here is really good.

โ€“ M. S., Jerusalem

I traded my first X-5 average fill this morning. It took a while for the trade to move, and and almost took me out but I was so excited that I wanted to share with someone who could appreciate it. The jpeg shows right before it hit my as expected using the ATR. I know you don’t want me to, but yes I traded live. Also took an Atlas trade ending the day a great move, trading 1 contract. JP, I love your methods, so far I’ve had more success using your systems than anything else I’ve used. Thanks Sooo Much!

โ€“ Bob S., California

John, I have been practicing and refining the methods you teach, and the the replay helps a lot. The ato did not work for me at first but it has recently and maybe past trades would have filtered out. One problem is making sure to stick to plan and not get greedy. Without using your methods, you can leave a lot of potential profit on the table.

โ€“ C.W., Arizona

I took your mentorship back in December 2012. I have been taking my time going over the videos from the classes and must say you are one of the best instructors I know. Your ideas about trading are some of the most reliable I have used. I have been trading options, stocks and futures for the past 10 years and your strategies for futures trading outrank all the courses, books and webinars I have been exposed to. It was worth every dollar learning how to become a better trader and I look forward to many years of using your information. I continue to review the videos and notes I took during the mentorship and everytime I do so, I learn something new. Thanks again for a great series of lessons.

โ€“ Derek D., Pennsylvania

This morning I tried a few scalp trades on the ES using the Scalping system..This is more $$ than I have made in months. ( please see the screen shot below )I can’t tell you how grateful I am. I don’t expect of course to do this every time, I will test for another few weeks before I use real $$. I am utterly amazed, truly I tell you. ( two contracts, ES, morning of 08/27, about 8:15 through 9 AM ) Please pass this on to Mr. Paul !!

โ€“ James K., Texas

So I am up early this morning and I am really eager for the market to open so I can see what I can do with the ES. John, it was wonderful. I made 8 trades for 20 tics, without one negative trade. Yes, yes I am aware that there was some “beginners luck” involved. And yes it was absolutely in a “Sim account,” but I was never really on the edge of my chair, my emotions were well in hand. The trades were calm and did what they were supposed to do. It was great.

โ€“ Tony G., Kansas

John, I just wanted to send my sincere thanks for the mentorship! I’ve been successful so far as I’ve traded the Market Replay. I recently got approval from my boss to take the morning to trade with no distraction (8:30 to 10am CST) and just make up my work hours in the evening. This seems to be the best time to trade. I can usually get one to three trades in. I hope to be sending you a good report in the future.

โ€“ Chris B., Louisiana

It was a pleasure attend your Mentorship Program. The best part is the confidence you gave us to trade in an area that is unknown for most of the common pleople. Really an asset that will belong to us permanently. I chose DTTW after searching in the web. I used and abused the training videos and your free webinars – crystal clear. It made sense to me the approach (conservative) and the targets you taught us (possible and confident to achieve). The crystal and clear teaching from you, follow up on recorded classes, and help from your support team was invaluable. All worked and is working for me. I am more confident that I am going to succeed.

โ€“ Marcelo S., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I love your clear, patient training style, and the Atlas Line is everything (and even more) than promised. You are one of the few, honest and competent sites out there! I am looking forward to the training tomorrow.

โ€“ Ben D., Tennessee

Excellent… That Trade Scalper program is amazing. Hearing “target filled” is quickly becoming my to favorite words…and I hear it lots with this program. I have only sim traded it with NT7 using a market replay data feed. But my first go with the program would have paid for it twice.

โ€“ Ralph S., Alberta, Canada

Trading is going very well. I love the TradeScalper! Have really enjoyed the recorded classes. Also have gotten a lot out of the written material. Confidence was my main objective for taking the Mentorship. I received the confidence I was after. All is good, so far! Thanks again.

โ€“ John C., California

The X-5 is one of my favorite trades right up there with the Blueprint & Atlas Line. Today’s trade: 1. 11:50. High of 1681.75. 2. Retracement of 1681.75 equals 1678.25. 3. 1678.25 – 2 Ticks = 1677.75. 4. First CLOSE at 1677.75 or below was at 12:20PM (ATR 1.75- Great for “B”) 5. What a suprise to see the marekt move on the 3rd. Candle at 1675.25 6. Maximum retracement during move was 1.25 Pts. Your training and strategies have been GREAT! What I LOVE & APPRECIATE the MOST about your STRATEGIES is that they are- OBJECTIVE and utilize LEADING indicators (Yo-Yo Candles). I look forward to continuing your mentorship!

โ€“ Brian G., Washington

The Atlas line is super. It’s the first time in my years of trading i feel comfortable with a stop loss and not moving it back when price is getting close to it. I did purchase the floor traders manual last year from you, which is great…

โ€“ Danny G., Trinidad and Tobago

This tradescalper is really an eyeopener. Manually did the currencies and sp mini yesterday and can “see” the setup and triggers. My day starts 230am central.Saw the es mini and dollar pop this morning. WoW.

โ€“ Mark T., Montana

Thank you for the great mentorship. I personally think you system works. I have been using it live- real time daily. The only time I lose is when I don’t follow the stop loss rules which have been an area of weakness for me.

โ€“ Jackie B., New York

I want to tell you, all the youtube videos is what sold me on wanting you to be my instructor, you always take your time and explain things and are very respectful to all your students.Thank you for allowing me to be a student!

โ€“ Wayne B., Nebraska

Dear John – I am one SATISFIED CUSTOMER! Your Atlas Line is awesome. That thing should be patented! Happy Holiday to you and the crew at DTTW! Thanks again.

โ€“ Ivan Z., New Jersey

Man wow is all I can say ! I use 4 lines through out the day this is crazy lol I mean another level of competence and confidence pretty straight forward I have my long term targets and as long price hasn’t made it there yet I take every signal in that direction ! MONSTER !!!!!!

โ€“ Keldrick W., Texas

Just wanted to let you know that I am following your rules and doing very good. Your classes gave me the direction I needed to be undestand what I was missing, most importantly after over three years of trading when I getup in the morning and start the day as a trader I have a sense of direction and a plan to execute without having emotion to get the best of me. Thanks again.

โ€“ Babak A. California

First let me say, just by these three sessions that we had, my trading plan have changed tremendously to the positive side. Thanks to you. I have some questions that are text in the image attached. I would like to hear your thoughts on that. Thanks again.

โ€“ Babak A. California

Hey JP and Team, I’m loving the Power Price Action methods.. It really helps with all the tradescalper and atlas line trades and it is very accurate just by itself and it’s so simple. Feels so much like common sense. How didn’t I see this before? Thanks guys

โ€“ Nick A., Alabama

I just ordered the Power Price Action course and received the Floor Trader Secrets Manual. It just so happens that today was “one of those days.” I have made a few traders following your technique!!! I haven’t even received the DVDs yet and made back almost half the money I spent on the course! You guys ROCK!!!

โ€“ Ivan Z., New Jersey

If you’re trying to be a professional trader, he (John Paul) will get you consistent. The rules will get you in and out at the right time. I like the fact you provide specific targets, entry points and stops. Whatever comes first. Most of the time, it’s your anticipated target. Hey, if that ain’t consistency, I don’t know what is.

โ€“ Nick A., Alabama

Had already couple of very nice trades this morning. Very very good indicator and strategy…I am amazed!

โ€“ Rudolf H., Sosua, Dominican Republic

I have been trading the Atlas Line for about 3 weeks using Dbl. Bar entries to start then the pull backs and strength trades throughout the rest of the session. I have had 90% winners to this point, keeping track of every trade. Best system I have seen thus far for electronic trading. I worked as a clerk at The CBOE in the late 80s (was there for the crash in 87). I also was a floor trader at the Chicago Mercantile in the 90โ€™s and was one of the first traders to trade the E-mini on Globex overlooking the pit. This Atlas System works…thanks for the support!

โ€“ Erik L., California

I enjoyed the Wednesdays Webinar at 15:05 EST time, thatโ€™s 20:05 UK…I love the way you read the candlesticks as I have never looked at it in that way before. Well John Paul I cannot thank you enough for showing me so much in a short time. I love your videos as I like to keep them on my desktop, and if I get it wrong, I go back to the video. I am looking forward to the webinar video and any others you would like to send. I am up this morning (CL+2) + (ES+7) = 9 in all (live trades). Thank you very, very, much.

โ€“ Frank W., Fleetwood, UK

You have taught me some excellent trading methods/skills and what has really helped me is I know when to enter/exit at the correct time. What a relief! I think the ATO indictor is wonderful because it draws both lines. At first, I took your advice on drawing the lines manually. Now I am spoiled.

โ€“ Keith O., Oklahoma

Thank You Sir. Great Stuff John. I don’t know how don’t have 1000s of customers – maybe you do LOL. I would not know but it is worth it.

โ€“ Nick P., New York

I used the Atlas Line for the first time today and with the help of the RoadMap trade …I am up 5.25 pts. and done for the day! Thank you Day Trade To Win, John Paul and your smart staff.

โ€“ Tim W., Nebraska

John, the methods you taught here make me really confident in day trading, eliminating the fear which was always with me up to now. Many thanks.

โ€“ Anna S., Queensland, Australia

I wanted to tell you of all the courses and books I have bought over the years, your scalper course went beyond my exceptions. Usually on a book or course purchased, I get an idea or two that maybe is applicable to trading. Your course has real data that works. Just wanted to say thank you.

โ€“ Keith O., Oklahoma

You know what I think? I think I could just trade the ATO to supplement my retirement all by itself. I am very pleased to see it’s performance. However, I am looking forward to learning the ‘whole’ package.

โ€“ Tim W., Nebraska

I personally have been using the Atlas Line a few months & have many, many days of experience watching the first double bar long/short off the Atlas Line. My 2 cents worth is that this double bar long/short trade has been a favorite of mine. The AL has been a helpful aid in determining the soundness of my decision to go long or short @ any given time. The morning is the time to focus on the market intensely & the Atlas Line can be a phenomenal aid to stay long or short when trading.

โ€“ Nathan M., Oregon

this week without loss, I just close my week very good God bless you more

โ€“ Pierre C., Sao Paulo, Brazil

today was the first day to trade with real money , i made enough to cover the atlas line on first day of trading , i trade the Ym in 3min it was great thanks

โ€“ Walid A., California

The methods Iearned in the price action scalping course and the concepts are totatly new. I never thought of the market in terms of levels. I wanted to tell John thank you. I would be looking for a second job if I hadn`t found Day Trade To Win. I was interested in purchasing the Floor Traders Secret Manual to make my trades even more effective. Thank you!

โ€“ Reginal R., Florida

quick word to you that i have been practicing what you taught me yesterday re PA scalping. These have been the easiest points once the pattern becomes familiar. thank you.

โ€“ Nathan M., Oregon

My trading could not possibly be any better, I’m trading 2 lots and stop trading at around +4 points, already making almost twice I did before retiring last October. The past 3 weeks I’ve had only 2 breakeven days (being down then trading back to even). All other days have been on point with what you teach. Love your trading techniques and thank you for teaching them.

โ€“ Frank D., Indiana

I am making a good living off the ATO and use it on several instruments and have a life after the open. Playing with my grandkid there is no better way than DAY TRADE TO WIN. Thanks.

โ€“ Billy F., Texas

Hi, John, I am taking the time to write this testimony to thank you. I have been a bad student of yours not listening to you seriously at first. Sorry about that. I jumped from your program to program or courses one until I finally realized that what you thought me and told me was not only good, It was almost perfect. My problem was that I could not take the pain of the hard stop of the E mini based on the 16 ticks stop. I most confessed that I needed to go and read again the book โ€œTrading in the Zoneโ€. It helps me stop going around looking for a trading messiah, which exists nowhere. I learned how to deal with having a large stop which in fact very rarely gets hit. Today, I am starting to adjust every move based on market conditions, exactly as you teach. Using the Atlas line and the ATR as well as the Blueprint and Road Map trading. My trading has improved terrifically and I trade one contract either ES or 6E and manage to close my trading day without breaking a sweat. My goal is 300$ minimum each day and sometimes 700$ on a single contract. It all depends on the volatility. This happened when I learned how to stick to the rules and be focus. I like your appraoch not over-trading, even when I get hit which happened only once over the last 50 trades I took live. The key is to follow the rules and stick to them, filter the trades based on the Road Map or Blue Print as well as the Atlas line. Thank you so much. God bless you.

โ€“ Michael, California

I’m averaging a few good moves per day with the scalping systems with only one contract. I put the multi-line indicator on the one minute Trade Scalp screen so when I see a Price Action setup and nothing’s happening I’ll jump over for a quick scalp then jump back. How cool is that!

โ€“ Frank D., Indiana

Hi. I am currently an Atlas Line subscriber and may be interested in purchasing the Scalper Course. Is there a discount for current subscribers. ThanksBTW- Atlas Line is great – your courses are great..changed my while way of trading – for the better!!

โ€“ Andrew R., Virginia

The atlas indicator is really working fine and it is really worth than any indicators, infact i used to trade divergence in stochasticand macd, but some times it really miss out i e 60 -70%, But your atlas line indicator is awesome and is consistently ahead of all other methods i have tried, thanks for that John

โ€“ Sanjay D., Melbourne, Australia

When I first came to John Paul’s website at DayTradeToWin…I was searching for a valid price action trading method that worked consistently. It was after I purchased a couple of John’s e-courses…I realized he had a deeper understanding that could really be vital to my success. When I checked out his all-inclusive mentorship program I couldn’t resist…I said “yes”! With his methods and rules…they allow you to enter the market at many points…without “waiting” for indicators. In fact, let me just say from my experience, successful trading does not occur with lagging indicators and false signals. In the beginning like many new traders…I spent thousands and thousands looking for the right software and indicators when the price action itself…right in front of me… could have been the answer…boy what a dummy! What I made complicated, John Paul made so simple in a step by step process that’s black and white. I can say that John Paul’s methods work in the real world and you’ll see, he’ll prove it to you in real-time throughout the mentorship program. Thanks John for sharing with me what many other traders may be missing.. It’s hard to put a price on knowledge when sometimes it’s so invaluable to one’s success.

โ€“ John M., Missouri

it’s been 5 months since i became an Atlas LineTM lifetime owner. All i can say is “Awesome” i am a price action trader and the Atlas Line is one of the best tools out there. i have been recording each trade of the 5 months, and getting better at price action trading. besides, JP has been very supportive. he responds to emails timely. and of course the live Atlas line webinars are very helpful. i am very pleased with my purchase and thanks to JP for his continued support.

โ€“ Kulu M., Ohio

I just wanted to thank you for the session this morning. If you ever have a client on the fence about joining, have them call or email me, I will give them high praise about your organization. I would like to do the mentorship program to learn day trading. I have spent too much money on other programs and this is clearly the best, honestly.

โ€“ Greg L., Minnesota

Just wanted to drop a line to let you know today went great by using the techniques you taught me last week and yesterday. If most days go that well I will be trading with real money soon. I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.

โ€“ Kathy D., Texas

Regarding my day trading coach experience with John Paul – is very positive 6 wks. that I learned a lot. John Paul is an excellent mentor and would recommend to anyone to further their trading skills.

โ€“ Joseph P., Texas

I’ve purchased the Atlas-line and I like it very much, in fact it’s one of the very few technical indicators that I’ve ever seen that seems to work more often than not!

โ€“ Francesco C., Melbourne, Australia

Thank you JP!!!! Up for the day using Tick Scalper…SO I”M DFD [Done for the Day] For anybody looking at your methods and getting away from squiggly line indicators…should know that your methodology’s work! Thanks.

โ€“ Bob K., Texas

Let me just say Outstanding, I purchased your course yesterday after getting tired of losing and getting chopped up with my other methods. I thought oh what the heck and bought your course thinking somewhere I will find a decent way to learn how to day trade. Today 5/6/09 I followed your methodology to the “T” went short at 907.50 with 10 contracts. WOW!!!OUTSTANDING!!!. Thank you for your course which I have paid for on the first day, what a bargain, you could charge much more for this but thanks for thinking about the little guy.

โ€“ Charles B., Illinois

JP, There I go again. Another trade before noon exactly as the sytem teaches. This is so awesome!!! Thanks again JP!!! I believe any new or seasoned trader owes it to themselves to at least try your ATO system. It is amazing how accurate it works for futures trading.

โ€“ Rick H., Michigan

…I would also like to add; Day trade To Win is a true”Needle In a Haystack Find”. After puchasing At the open, all one has to do is pull up previous charts (9am-4:30pm) and see how much money they could have generated. The only problem I see is that people who have been trading for a long time will be faced with the fact that most of their former trading educational material was nothing but garbage. This system works. In addition, you have included some very crucial info: Don’t overtrade; don’t push trade’s, Never trade without stops, and let the market come to you. Be willing to let you previous thoughts about the market go and pour your heart into understanding “At the open. Thanks for all your focus, Understanding and hardwork, from the bottom of my heart.

โ€“ Leonard W., Ohio

Hello John, yesterday I buy your e-Book and today I sit in front of computer all day and compares my results with performance history. Everything is right, its really amazing!

โ€“ Pavel P., Czech Republic, Teplice City

Day Trade To Win is some of the best money I’ve spent on e-mini trading. It’s an easy to understand, completely objective method that is making me re-think using any other indicators, especially moving averages.

โ€“ Jill F., Sydney, Australia

I look forward to being done by noon; I used to sit at the computer all day, thanks for the At the Open method…

โ€“ Sarah J., Wisconsin

JP you made me a successful daytrader! I can’t wait for each new trading day! DayTradeToWin = Success. It’s that simple. Again…2 pts..thanks…JP…2 points long/ 2 points short…looks like I’m going to be buying the indicator system JP

โ€“ Dave A., California

I love it……..2pts by 10:30 and I’m wondering where I’m going for lunch. John, as I said I was trading Options prior to your system I was using a 5 min SPY….3 minute IWM…..1 Minute IWM….RSI, Bollinger bands, ADX/DMI, Candle flash cards. One thing I have noticed for sure. Everything you say about these indicators is true. Price action is the way to go

โ€“ Randy H., Kentucky

I only take your ‘At Open Trades’ and they have been unbelievably accurate. I’m finished trading with my 1 point goal, nite all…

โ€“ Toby L., Melbourne, Australia

2 Points Again! Thank You, The At the open trade is so simple…

โ€“ Martin V., New York

I never thought that Price Action could actually work, indicators do not work, you’re right! Thank you JP…

โ€“ Michelle P., Toronto, Canada

One Chart and no indicators, this is the way Daytrading is supposed to be. I had my charts cluttered with indicators, I didn’t know what to do, thanks for showing me a clearer way to trade

โ€“ Jackson M., Arizona

As a beginner trader I wanted to learn something different. Thanks for providing an easy to learn method for day trading through your day trading course. Only a few trades a day is all I need…

โ€“ Kenneth L., Texas

I’ve purchased a bunch of online trading courses, all of which showed some variation of indicators. Your Course is different. Thanks for explaining how Price Action can show me a better way to trade.

โ€“ Allan R., New York

I have been trading stocks for about 6 years just switched to futures. My family and I are in the finance industry here in Las Vegas. (I’ve owned a small auto finance company for 5 years). Two is all I need! I’m done but I’d love to see your four come through! Just to reinforce the fact that your method is tried and true.. And there it went. JP, have a fantastic weekend! Thank you again. I really don’t know how to thank you enough.

โ€“ Chris F., Nevada

After trading for a few years and trying a lot of different things I never thought that price action could actually work. The Course explains the setups very well thanks for your insight- Cheers.

โ€“ Jorge O., Manchester, United Kingdom

Fantastic style of trading! I enjoy not overtrading like most methods. Thank you for your prompt replies to my questions. My goal of 1 to 2 points a day seems a reality now. The purchase I made was a wise one and I recommend it to my fellow traders.

โ€“ Angelo Z., Rotterdam, Netherlands

I have tried so many systems and methods that did not work. Finally a simple straight forward way to trade…

โ€“ Ed A., Leeds, United Kingdom

Now I see now how the smart money trades, thanks for showing me a new to trade the emini. The At the Open Rocks!

โ€“ Fernando C., California

I did it again. 2 Points! I like this style of trading. Thanks again

โ€“ Mitchell C., Florida

Good morning John, Another 2 points last night thats 4 from 4. Kind regards

โ€“ Scott A., Sydney, Australia

No refund from me! Made my course money back and recovering my losses from other systems. I will NEVER be able to trade with indicators again. Thanks. BTW, 8 trades in a row!!!!

โ€“ Mike K., Toronto, Canada

I bought your “At The Open” method on the 2nd of January and I am very impressed by how well it has worked the whole month. I simply wish to congratulate and thank you for the method. I hope it will carry on working the same way in the future. I had also bought and experimented a lot of different strategies and none of them worked. I also believe some of them were simply a fraud. In fact I had promised myself not to buy anyone else at the time I heard about you; happily I bought your method.

โ€“ Josรฉ M., Algavre, Portugal

Dear JP, Your method rocks! …I have been trading very successfully in Jan 09. Since I have made money based on your method, I have decided to purchase your e-course as a matter of courtesy. You deserve it. You are absolutely right, consistency is the key to success. I have been trading for many years and like you, I have purchased a lot of junk and have lost a lot of money in the past. Trust me, I have never written any complimentary email to any author. You deserve one. Having now seen the power of the at the open method, I am so excited…I am a lawyer in earning reasonably good income…I want to finish work by noon and enjoy the rest of my day like you do! Thank you. I am sincerely grateful and look forward to hearing from you soon.

โ€“ Eric S., Hong Kong, China

John Paul, I just completed my first month of live trading using the ATO method. I am very impressed with the system. I made money for the month and would have done much better had I fully trusted the method (had difficulties weaning myself from old bad habits and indicators). Also, I saw your post in the forum, I defended your method with a reply post… Feb will be a good month for me using ATO.

โ€“ Charlie P., Pennsylvania

I purchased the Day Trade to Win package last week. So far, I’ve only “paper traded” it but the results have been astonishing! Thanks so Much!

โ€“ Carl H., Arizona

I started day trading stocks in October 08 and very nearly blew through my account very quickly. (name of educational company) offered to teach me how to trade options, but I had to part with $12,000 for them to teach me. That was crazy because after spending $12,000 I wouldn’t have had any money left over to trade! In my search for a trading plan I came across your website and I purchased your course โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ.At this time I just want to thank you so very much for sharing your system. You are the real deal. Last week I opened an account and I purchased a NinjaTrader license. Trading live for the first time today, My 20 contract short trade was a winner for 2 points! It more than paid for your course and the NT license. Again, I can’t thank you enough. I am looking forward to a very prosperous 2009.

โ€“ Anonymous, Connecticut

John Paul, Just dropping you a line to let you know that the “At the Open” method is phenomenal! No questions asked. Took a little while today (3/3/09) but my stop loss was in place and my emotions were out. Also, just trying this method on the Euro Currency. Seems to work for at least a 20 – 30 point scalp on a daily basis for the last week. If you kept a trailing stop loss, could’ve let the market run a bit, but would rather just get a quick in and out opportunity.

โ€“ Gary, New York

Hi John Paul I just wanted to thank you for sharing your system of ATO and the scalpers program. I have struggled for two years trying many VERY EXPENSIVE programs only to have to re-fund my account over and over. Two weeks with your ATO system has been Awesome! Please keep the videos coming and a Great big Thanks!

โ€“ Derek S., Arizona

John, I just wanted to let you know that I am very very pleased with your signal program. I have not had a losing trade in the two weeks since using your system. My account is growing and my outlook is wonderful. I have never seen anything this accurate. I am getting the losses from my last program finally paid up and it’s all i need from here on out. I follow your rules closely and don’t get carried away in trying to grow to quick and buy more contractsโ€ฆ.Thanks again John.

โ€“ Unknown

John, Thanks again for the opportunity to use your program. We have just ended June 2009 and I have finished this month with the understanding of what day trading should be, feels good. I’m greatful I chose your course and can’t wait for July! ps. I’m trading on my iphone while I am at my other job by using I make more money on my phone by 10am than I make all day “at work”. This is amazing

โ€“ Ray P., Utah

This has saved my trading account. I may not be smart enough to trade using all that other indicator junk out their but I can follow the simple instructions and rules with this method! Two points a day is all I need! keep the videos coming I find them to be helpful. Thank You

โ€“ John B., Kentucky

John, I cant believe that your system works. Its scary taking a trade knowing it can be a lower or a winner, but i’m starting go gain that confidence every day โ€“ almost feel bad about it although I am quickly adjusting! โ€ฆ..I am still happy taking the recommended profit target based on the ATR. Thanks again! Yours sincerely.

โ€“ Allan, Australia

John, I cant believe that your system works. Its scary how predictable the trades have been, looking at this every day – almost feel bad about it although I am quickly adjusting! โ€ฆ..I am still happy taking small moves and working my way up to trailing stops. Thanks again! Yours sincerely.

โ€“ Allan, Australia

All I can say is WOW! I loaded up my Ninjatrader demo account this morning with your indicator. Placed a strategy trade based upon your recommendations of target and stops based on the Average True Range and the time placement. My order was triggered @900.25. Now this is what I like. A well defined trading plan and the discipline to follow it. I look forward to demo’ing this system for the full 30 days. If all goes well then I will go live with a small account. By the way I manually demo’d the system back to Monday (coudn’t believe how simple it was). Cool. Very Cool. Thank you for all your efforts. It is appreciated. I always wanted to get into futures trading, but never found the right time/system until now. I will be sure to let you know how the next 30 days go.

โ€“ J.J., Michigan

Dear JP, Today was my second day trading the ATO method – I love it – thank you for sharing this wonderful way of trading! I have been trading for several years with a variety of indicators and of course always had my accounts blown out …I have been looking for a price action methodology for a very long time and am so glad to have finally, finally, found it. Thanks again and God bless you!

โ€“ I.B., Florida

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