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Our day trading courses empower day traders of all experience levels with the ability to read the markets and take trades based on proof. Day trading courses offered by other companies emphasize the learning of specific indicators or adapted versions of publicly known strategies (such as Elliot Waves, Japanese Candlestick Patterns, Bollinger Bands, Stochastics, etc.). Through our day trading courses, we teach traders the art of Price Action. Unlike indicator or popular (Elliot-style) systems, price-based trading is a long-term solution. Secondly, the more widely known a course or strategy is, the less effective it becomes. Lastly, many indicators lag behind real-time price data. Such day trading courses offer no explanation of how the markets work. Each day trading course we offer aims to educate a trader from the ground up, filling in the gaps left open by other systems and other information that is generally left out of the learning process.

In total, we currently three seven day trading courses (four if the Atlas Line is considered). Every day trading course is proprietary, meaning that it cannot be found anywhere else. Also, each course contains a complete, standalone method of trading. Many day trading course vendors are in the upsell game, requiring the purchase of additional products to create an effective day trading system – not us. In addition, each course comes with support. If anything is unclear, customers may contact support with questions at any time. A day trading course should be straightforward, objective and explain a method using charts and other imagery. That’s exactly what we do.

Trader Scalper Day Trading Course – trade scalpers know how to make consistent profits trading Forex, Currencies and Financials using one minute charts and stops under six ticks. Setups taught in this day trading course occur all day long. This day trading course is very popular amongst traders who need to a backup method for recouping losses obtained during unpredictable market movement. Also included is the Floor Traders Secrets Manual.

ATO 2 (At the Open 2) Day Trading Course – Day Trade to Win’s longstanding E-mini S&P powerhouse method, ATO traders know how to make the most of the E-Mini during the A session of the day (at market open until noon, U.S. Eastern time). Taking advantage of market volatility and predictable patterns is key; other traders are struggling to find the trend meanwhile you’ve already placed your entries, exits and walked away with a winner or two before noon.

Private Mentorship Program Day Trading Course – considered the crown jewel of Day Trade To Win, every one of our courses and software are included and taught live, either one-on-one or as a group with coach John Paul. No day trading experience is required although a basic understanding of NinjaTrader and the day trading lingo is preferred. Eight weeks of personalized trading is an industry first – everything is included to make you a professional trader. After graduating, you can contact John Paul directly for continued assistance. This day trading course is essential for anyone serious about making money.

Nearly every day trading course we offer includes a live training session. We want to make sure you fully understand how it works before trading live. Demonstrating the ability to effectively apply learned material is very important. We encourage traders to experiment with what they’ve learned in simulation mode before involving real money. Part of trading is maintaining a healthy mindset. If the markets have blown a hole in your wallet, the only way to rebuild is through safe and sound price action. Traders who have unhealthy outlooks can be divided into two categories: 1. Skepticism or a definite belief that one can never make a living day trading. 2. Unfounded confidence that the next big win is right around the corner. Our objective day trading courses defy these unhealthy mindsets with black and white rules. Simply put, there is no need for an unhealthy outlook when the results and rules speak volumes.

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