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Our products include the eight-week Mentorship Program (a trading school), the Trade Scalper (a scalping strategy), Atlas Line (price action forecasting software), and the At the Open 2 (find nice morning moves).


Trade Scalper Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Chart

Trade Scalper

A fast, in-and-out trading method that works 24 hours a day for your favorite stocks, currencies and futures. Many trades per day.

  • Scalp alongside trends for quick trades
  • Many quick trades w/ 2-Range & 1-Min charts
  • Includes course, software, and up to 2 bonuses
  • Includes ongoing weekly live training
  • Trade your favorite stocks, futures, and currencies
  • Signal software designed for NinjaTrader 8
  • Includes free updates and email support
Trade Scalper Course


Atlas Line Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Chart

Atlas Line

Highly accurate entry signals automatically plotted on your futures and currency charts. Multiple signal types.

  • Automatic, easy-to-follow entry signals
  • Includes course and a video references
  • Includes ongoing weekly live training
  • Easy to use – no optimization
  • Trade your favorite futures and currencies
  • Especially designed for NinjaTrader 8
  • Includes free updates and email support
Atlas Line Software


ATO 2 (At the Open 2) for NinjaTrader 8 Chart

ATO 2 (At the Open 2)

Win points with opening market moves using a simple price action approach. Includes two bonuses. Want to be done by noon?

  • Includes ATO 2 signal software & course
  • Identify unique price action setups
  • Includes Trade Chaser + 2 bonuses
  • Includes a live training session
  • Trade your favorite futures and currencies
  • Signal software designed for NinjaTrader 8
  • Includes free updates and email support
At the Open 2 (ATO 2) Course

Personal Coaching – All-Inclusive

Mentorship Program

Become a professional day trader. All courses, software, and 8 weeks of live training are included.

Mentorship Program
  • Designed to help you become a pro trader
  • Includes all courses and software w/ non-expiring licenses
  • 8 weeks of live training with John Paul
  • 11 price action techniques found only here
  • For beginners and experienced traders alike
  • One-on-one and group training available
  • Each training session is recorded for future playback
  • Individual or Group lessons available
  • Includes software upgrades and email support
  • Includes installation of NinjaTrader with live, demo data
  • Priority access to John Paul questions and answers
  • A full trading plan – learn how the strategies work together

Real Customer Reviews...

Sep. 2021
Just purchased your Trade Scalper indicator last week. I've been trading the indices for over ten years. Price action. This indicator of
S. D.
Jun. 2021
Great success
Good day all. I completed the Mentorship in December and have been having some great success. I am now looking to set up my travel laptop
D. L.
May 2021
Very profitable
The beginning of the day, starting at 8 a.m., come out of the 3 a.m. open, is very profitable.
J. S.
May 2021
Extremely happy with the results
This is [S.N.], one of the students from the April 20th Mentorship class. I have been trading the simulation account for the past one week
S. N.
May 2021
Really like it
I recently bought your Scalper program and really like it. I am also interested in the ATO 2 and Roadmap...Thanks for your assistance and the
C. R.
Mar. 2021
Proper mechanics
You can count on one thing. If you learn to trade properly by good teachers and maintain the discipline to trade that way, you will be
R. O.
Jan. 2021
99% right
Guys, just an observation for two weeks. [Trade Scalper] works better for me; 99% right on 5-Minute chart – works best. Look into it.
N. M.
Jan. 2021
Positive results
I should be able to join the Mentorship Program. I am still practicing the Atlas Line, and so far, I see positive results.
S. M.
Dec. 2020
High success rate
John, made good trades with the Trade Scalper. Success rate between 70% to 100%.
A. J.
Dec. 2020
An eye-opener
Wow, I just went through the X-5 course. What an eye-opener! I know that I am really going to love this trade entry...
P. M.
Dec. 2020
Positive experience
Even so far without completing all the courses, I have had a very positive experience and profit...
V. A.
Aug. 2020
Works like a charm
Thank you for the Trade Scalper tool. It works like a charm.
V. B.
Aug. 2020
Love the Trade Scalper
Love the Trade Scalper. Just 2 curious questions, and I'm sure you've been asked this a MILLION times...
J. R.
Aug. 2020
Loving the results
Thanks so much!! I plan to also purchase the Atlas Line in a week or so. Loving the results from Trade Scalper so far.
C. Y.
Aug. 2020
Up $837.50
I like how the scalper plots the entry (thumbs up). I am up $837.50 on sim account. Thanks again.
S. S.
July 2020
1k-2k profit a week
I have been trading the Part I with excellent success. I've been able to trade about 1k-2k profit a week with it.
M. M.
July 2020
Special thanks
Want to say a special thanks to your tech team for kindness, patience, and professional manner in regard to reloading the Trade Scalper...
D. A.

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