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Use the Roadmap to Guide Your Trading

Entry Signals and Zone Lines Provide Consistent Guidance...

Do you drive using a GPS? Then why not guide your trading using a Roadmap?

The Roadmap is the leading trading method offered in our big DayTradeToWin Accelerated Mentorship Program. Normally, you can only get the Roadmap by enrolling in Mentorship.

As a complete system, the Roadmap is now available for you to use standalone or to compliment your existing approach.

Yes, our Roadmap software will clearly guide you throughout your trading day via:

  • Roadmap Long and Short entry signals clearly appear on the chart, pointing out big potential moves before they occur.
  • Multiple Zone lines (A, B, C, and D). The Zone lines tell you a potential reversal may occur, OR, if a Zone line is penetrated, price may continue in the same direction.
  • Avoid areas of manipulation. Knowing when to trade — and when to stay out — are both important.

Use the Roadmap in multiple ways:

  • Objective and straightforward approach: follow the entry signals to find opportunities. On average, two (2) entry signals per day occur in the morning for the E-mini. These signals will have you going for multiple points based on current, adaptable market conditions (not fixed, outdated values).
  • Throughout the day, filter and confirm your other signals and strategies using the Zone lines and signals. Do your other trading methods agree or disagree with the Roadmap? Only take trades that agree. Use the Roadmap as your primary indicator.
  • Improve your profit target and stop loss placement by using the guidance from the Zone lines. (With trading, successful risk management is everything.) The Roadmap provides for a more creative and price-based approach to risk management. For example, position your profit target before the nearest Zone. Exit the position with a winner before the anticipated reversal!

See For Yourself — 6 Consecutive Full Days of Signals

DayTradeToWin Roadmap Software Chart 1 DayTradeToWin Roadmap Software Chart 2 DayTradeToWin Roadmap Software Chart 3
DayTradeToWin Roadmap Software Chart 4 DayTradeToWin Roadmap Software Chart 5 DayTradeToWin Roadmap Software Chart 6

The above charts showing six full trading days in a row. So, we hope you get a sense of how powerful the Roadmap can be for guiding your trading! We have circled the signals so you can see them better. As shown, the main entry signals use up and down arrows. Again, the Zone lines are like boundary points where a reversal is expected to occur, and if not, a continuation where another opportunity may exist. Remember that these Zone lines can also help confirm and filter your other trading methods.


Roadmap Trading System
6-Month License – $595
Lifetime License – $1,797
  • Includes Roadmap signal software
  • Includes online training video
  • Includes a live training class
  • *Bonus ABC signal software
  • *Bonus "How to Trail a Stop" video
  • Day trading goal: 5+ points daily
  • Works w/ E-mini S&P and other markets
  • Works w/ multiple chart types
  • Compatible with NinjaTrader 8
  • Incl. free updates and email support
  • Free remote installation available

After purchase, you will receive the download links. We will activate your software shortly thereafter. The Members area contains all the training details.

For ordering assistance, please call us at 1-888-607-0008 or email us at

The Roadmap software's signal, arrow, and zone colors are fully customizable. Signal and Zone text sizes are also adjustable. In addition, you can configure a sound to play when a signal appears. If you want even more examples, we have videos further down the page.

The Roadmap software is specifically formulated for the E-mini S&P 500 (ES) and Micro ES (MES), but can be used with other markets. Typically, a 1-Minute or 5-Minute chart is used. The software plugs into NinjaTrader 8 as an indicator. The included training video will have you up and running in no time.

How was the Roadmap created?

Many years ago, a privileged group of professional day traders used a powerful price action pattern. They knew exactly how the markets were secretly manipulated using specific price patterns and values. Yes, I was one of those traders who was trusted with that information. However, the world has changed and trading along with it. As a result, I developed the Roadmap software based on those secret manipulation price patterns. Now, I am proud to share access to the powerful Roadmap method with you can find success as well!

These hidden patterns are coded directly into the Roadmap software. The software recognizes this price action pattern and provides signals and Zone lines accordingly. All you have to do is know what to do when the signals and lines appear. That is the most important part. And I am confident the training that you'll receive will teach you exactly what to do every step of the way...

Are you ready to have a map for trading every day?

*As a special bonus for NinjaTrader users, we are giving you the ABC software for NinjaTrader, which will provide automatic entry signals according to the ABC Method. (If you need assistance getting NinjaTrader downloaded or help with live data, please let us know.) *Your second bonus is the "How to Trail a Stop" video. It's a fact that traders can take larger profits during trending and fast markets. Trailing stops help you manage risk and adapt your approach.

How much does this all cost? The annual license comes out to less than $84 a month. The Lifetime license is an even better deal!

We will help you get set up with everything you need including the NinjaTrader 8 trading platform and real-time practice market data. You'll be able to practice with real-time market data. You'll be able to spot the Roadmap trades and trade them according to the rules. We provide a complete practice environment at no cost.

What is the E-mini S&P? This market is similar to the big S&P you've probably seen on the news, only this is the "mini" version that's more affordable to traders like you. The E-mini provides many great opportunities, and it's possible to make money by both buying and selling the market. Of course, there's also plenty of opportunity to lose money, so only trade with money reserved for high risk investments.

Recent Roadmap Trading Videos

Live Training Included

Roadmap Trading System
6-Month License – $595
Lifetime License – $1,797

After purchase, you'll get Member Access. We'll activate your license soon after. The Member Access area contains all the training content.

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