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Learn How to Day Trade

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For over 10 years, we've been turning regular folks like you into skilled, educated traders. From start to finish, we provide full support for all skill levels, including new traders. Our goal is to make you consistently successful. We will personally teach you how to day trade using our time-tested secrets and day trading rules. Are you ready to learn?

We do not offer a trading room. We do not use complex indicators or advanced math. We do not use feelings or trade emotionally. Instead, we will teach you how to find exact patterns in the market and trade based on concrete rules. We want YOU to be independently successful.

Most traders fail because they don't have a plan. They will look at a chart and fail to see trades that we see. Don't be one of those guys. It's your money on the line. Trading is a serious investment and you need to be prepared. Join us and become the winning trader you were meant to be!

Completely new to trading? Get our FREE Get Started Trading Guide.

Want to jump ahead to one of our powerful strategies? The best course we offer is our 8-Week Mentorship Program. See all of our trading courses.

How to Day Trade PDF
Download the FREE Get Started Trading Guide
Start trading today! Great for beginners or those who are new to NinjaTrader or price action trading.

The Mentorship Program is the best option if you want a major advantage. It includes all of our courses and software with lifetime licenses, plus eight weeks of live training. If you prefer starting off with one strategy instead, we have three to choose from: the Atlas Line®, Trade Scalper, or ATO (At the Open). Each one comes with live training, email support, and remote installation assistance in case you need the extra help. See below for details.

Our Day Trading Strategies

Mentorship Program (All-Inclusive)
Day Trading Academy Empower yourself to trade for a living by joining the all-inclusive Mentorship Program. It's a personal coaching program that guides you for 8 weeks of training. All of our courses and software are included. Each training session is recorded for future reference.
Eight weeks of personal training with a pro
Atlas LineĀ® software
Roadmap Trade with software
Blueprint Trade (Power Price Action method)
The X-5 Trade (Floor Trader Secrets method)
At the Open (ATO) Course with software
Trade Scalper Course with software
Price Action Scalping Course with software
ABC Pattern
How to Filter Trades
How to Trade the News
How to Set Up Your Charts
How Manipulation Works
Each training session is recorded
Free setup, member access, & email support
One low price w/ all software included
Group or Individual classes available
...plus much more!
Trading Courses & Software
Day Trading System We have hundreds of videos showcasing our powerful course and software. Isn't it time for you to use trading methods that actually work? Choose from the Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, or the At the Open 2 (ATO 2). Each method provides a unique price action approach to trading.
The software provides exact entry signals, pinpointing the moment you should enter as well as anticipated market direction. Now you can scalp trade like a pro!
Learn a powerful scalping strategy
Quick in-and-out trading – many trades daily
Bonus X-5 course + live training class
The plotted line provides you with a constant reference of how you should be trading (either Long or Short). When price is above the Atlas Line, stay Long. When below, stay Short. It's that simple.
Automatic, accurate entry signals
For use on 3, 5 & 15 minute charts
A complete trading strategy + live training class
We explain step-by-step exactly how it's used. For years, this strategy was only available to students in our private program. Now, it's your turn to change your trading forever!
Manual teaches complete strategy
Learn the Chase the Trade technique
Bonus ABC Method + live training class
How to Day Trade
Next Group Mentorship Class Begins:
Feb. 6, Tues. & Thur., 1 p.m. – 2 p.m.
*8 weeks of live coaching. All courses and software are included.
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Attend a Live Demo
Day Trading Tutorial
See how we trade live using only price action. No subjectivity. No complex analysis. We show how our products work in real-time conditions.
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Learn exact trading methods for free. These training videos are one of the quickest ways to improve your trading.
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Learn How to Day Trade

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