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A forward-looking projection and signal software

Price Action Trading Done Right

NInja Trader
NInja Trader

All Software Now Available for TradingView and Ninja Trader

We let price “tell us” how to trade. We show you exactly how to buy, sell and exit every trade based on realistic goals. No guessing. We use clear and simple rules based on Price Action.

Our programs are Unique & Proprietary and include Daily Live Trading Room, Support, and Member Access Videos.  All software is included with  Accelerated Mentorship+.

Get a trading education from a veteran trader rather than spending thousands on trial and error.

Our Accelerated Mentorship+ gives you all courses and software with full LIFETIME ACCESS for NInja Trader or Tradingview. Get self-paced video training plus live training. 

The Trade ScalperⓇ provides exact entry signals in advance to pinpoint when you should enter long or short. Now, you can scalp trade like a pro!

The Atlas LineⓇ provides you with a constant reference of how you should be trading (either Long or Short). When price is above the Atlas Line, stay Long. When below, stay Short. It’s that simple.

The Roadmap is all about market makers and manipulation that occurs multiple times a day. Stop being run over, and watch the Zones to filter every trade. Perfect for funded trading accounts.

Learn to Trade at Your Own Pace

— Includes Licenses for all courses and software

One Complete Package: 12+ Methods. All Software Licenses Included

Become a self-made trader faster than ever. You’ll get Member access to over 20 hours of updated video lessons, a complete real-time practice environment, and all downloads.

Watch the first video free! Learn more and get all info, pricing, and instant access to the all new Accelerated Mentorship Program.

Hear From Our Students

These are real people who decided to talk about their experiences using our products. Many people come to us after losing a ton of money in the markets or using other systems. We’ve heard it all. In the 15+ years we’ve been in business, we’ve taught all types of people how to day trade.  

Get started with the right knowledge and techniques so you don’t have to live your life chained to a desk or dictated by your boss. The goal is independent success. Are you ready?

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