S&P 500 Futures in Decline: A Rough Start to Premarket Trading

s&p 500

With only two hours before the U.S. stock market opening, Wolfspeed Inc. (WOLF) has experienced a 16.5% rise during the pre-market trading session, while Rivian Automotive Inc. Cl A (RIVN) has seen a 7.2% increase. Simultaneously, RBC Bearings Inc. (RBC), Transocean Ltd. (RIG), and R1 RCM Inc. (RCM) have all witnessed at least a 3% […]

Price Action Signal Review: Roadmap & Trade Scalper

Here is a review of the prior two days of signals from two of our trading systems: the Roadmap and Trade Scalper. Long story short: there were an abundance of winning signals. Yes, you can use one system with another or use each standalone. The first of these two videos shows eight winning signals from […]

Roadmap Confirms $500 Scalping Move

It’s a real joy to trade every day when you have a guide sitting there on your chart guiding you the whole day through. That’s what the Roadmap does. It’s designed to provide “highway dividers” in the form of Zone lines. These can keep your trading running along smoothly and avoiding potential risk boundaries. You […]

Are You Using Our Free News Indicator Yet? Avoid Sudden Volatility & More…

Did you know that we have a free news indicator that you can download and use right away? It’s a great way to stay on top of upcoming scheduled news events. Using the news indicator, you can avoid the sudden volatility or take advantage of these big moves with my news trading strategy that are […]

Stock Trading: 3+ Solid Reasons Futures Trading is Superior

When it comes to day trading, some people want to focus on making money the same day within a few minutes. Often times, their first stop in the world of trading is stock trading. However, stock trading, at least in our opinion, doesn’t lend itself well to short-term or intraday profit goals. Intraday trading can […]

Rollover Reminder for E-mini S&P + NinjaTrader License Discount

Remember to roll over your futures contracts (i.e. ES 12-20 to ES 03-21) on or soon after Dec. 10, 2020! As mentioned, this includes the E-mini S&P 500 and other popular CME Equity Index futures. In NinjaTrader, you can easily perform the rollover by going to the Control Center > Tools > Database Management > […]

How to Use Market Replay (Playback Connection) in NinjaTrader 8

Do you want to practice trading when the market is closed? Many people work during the day during prime times for futures trading. We understand how important it is to practice and so does NinjaTrader. That’s why they included a feature called Market Replay that allows you to play back old price activity as though […]

How to Use NinjaTrader 8 Crash Course Webinar

New to day trading in general or want to switch to NinjaTrader 8? You need to watch this video. We covered just about all the basics: • How to download and install NinjaTrader • How to open and navigate charts and the SuperDOM • Recommended chart configuration • How to connect to a data feed […]

How to Know If the Laptop Lifestyle Suits You

Most of us have heard about traders who travel the world while still being able to get in a few hours of trading each day. If you are this type of trader, you are already living the laptop lifestyle. However, if your situation isn’t as extreme as this, you might be wondering when it makes […]

Insider Trading Bill Passes House

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill, the STOCK (Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge) Act, to curb Congressional insider trading. Vote results indicate 417 Congress members in favor of the bill and two in opposition. This House version differs from that of the Senate, which includes provisions for financial data collectors to disclose […]

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