It’s a real joy to trade every day when you have a guide sitting there on your chart guiding you the whole day through. That’s what the Roadmap does. It’s designed to provide “highway dividers” in the form of Zone lines. These can keep your trading running along smoothly and avoiding potential risk boundaries.

You can think about a Roadmap Zone as a highway divider that is used to designate different lanes. When price begins moving through a Zone or divider, you are welcome to change lanes along with price, because a continuation is expected.

And as price begins approaching a Zone or highway divider, that’s a time to use caution. Price could “bounce” off a zone much like a vehicle get that collides with and bounces off a divider.


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The Zones are navigational tools that can be used for getting in and out of trades strategically. A well-placed profit target and stop, or closing down an active trade as price approaches a Zone, can well pay for the price of the 6-Month Roadmap. In fact, in short order (pun intended), it’s possible a Lifetime License pays for itself.

You’re going to see the Trade Scalper used along with the Roadmap. Perhaps the most exciting part is when there’s a huge penetration through a Zone that accompanies a Trade Scalper short signal. Some traders may have thought the big move down was over and done with. But because the Zone was penetrated, we expected a continuation. That’s why, with the Roadmap’s confirmation, John Paul felt comfortable with that Trade Scalper short trade. See how well these two methods work together? That was $500 using 5 contracts before any broker or other trading fees.

Remember, trading is risky and all indications of profit and loss should be considered hypothetical and for educational purposes. Good trading!

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