Roadmap Confirms $500 Scalping Move

It’s a real joy to trade every day when you have a guide sitting there on your chart guiding you the whole day through. That’s what the Roadmap does. It’s designed to provide “highway dividers” in the form of Zone lines. These can keep your trading running along smoothly and avoiding potential risk boundaries. You […]

+5.25 Points Within 1 Hour Scalping the E-mini

We know you like checking back and seeing how the signals are doing from time to time, so here’s the latest video showing the Trade Scalper. Essentially, this is an E-mini S&P 500 signal review/recap for today, Aug. 18 starting at about 10 a.m. US/Eastern and looking forward. This period produced four signals total: one […]

Confident Pre-market Scalp Trading Signals & More

Want to scalp pre-market conditions? Our powerful Trade Scalper price action software provides many opportunities. Our latest video gives you a review of today’s signals. We hope you enjoy! >> Get the Trade Scalper signals on your charts << Generally, pre-market is slower, so you may switch to a 5-minute chart. Slower conditions may also […]

Trade Scalper, ATO 2, & Atlas Line: Best Trading Systems

Here’s a great way to compare our three standalone trading methods offered on our courses page: ATO 2 (At the Open 2), Trade Scalper, and Atlas Line. We have many customers who own multiple methods, especially those people enrolled in our eight-week Mentorship Program. By the way, if you want to get in on the […]

Student Shares Real-time Trade Scalper Trade

This video was sent to us by a student who has the Trade Scalper software. He wanted to know if he was doing everything correctly; mainly placing a trade according to the Long signal generated by the Trade Scalper. Below, John Paul reviews the video and provides commentary. Enjoy! >> Get the Trade Scalper Signals […]

Trading System Signal Review: ATO 2, Atlas Line, Trade Scalper

Want to see what our signals did today? Check this out… By the way, this is similar to a post we did last Friday or so. Here’s a review of today’s signals. This time, we’re sharing all three (3) of our standalone systems: ATO 2, Atlas Line®, and Trade Scalper. The following shows all three […]

Scalping Risk Management for Day Traders

The Trade Scalper has been doing well on a day-to-day basis. Based on the emails we’ve received, our clients have been happy. Watch this video to see a real-time trade in combination with a review of many recent Trade Scalper signals. Get the Trade Scalper for your own charts or review our other offerings, including […]

Part 2 – Trading E-mini December Price Action

The Stair Step pattern looks like a typical, real-life stair case, only represented in candles. It’s easy to see after the fact, but the trick is to recognize the pattern while it’s occurring. This pattern often occurs the last week of the year, where price pushes, pauses, pushes, etc. Overall the Stair Step activity is […]

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