Price Action Signal Review: Roadmap & Trade Scalper

Here is a review of the prior two days of signals from two of our trading systems: the Roadmap and Trade Scalper. Long story short: there were an abundance of winning signals. Yes, you can use one system with another or use each standalone. The first of these two videos shows eight winning signals from […]

Trading Price Action During FOMC News Events

Here’s a look at a day when a Fed meeting took place, resulting in a large spike of activity. How did you trade it? We like when the ATR (Average True Range) is between 2 and 5 points. In contrast, that Fed-led activity increased the ATR to about 15 points. Obviously, you should be staying […]

Micro E-minis – MES – How to Trade the Mini Contracts

Micro E-mini SP

Typically, you can open a Micro trading account with as little as $400, though a larger account size is recommended as a buffer against losses. We recommend having a discussion with an authorized brokerage representative to determine the best option for you.

A 50-Point Move Worth $2,500? Here’s My Opinion…

Here’s my ongoing market analysis as of today, Tuesday, Sep. 6… As I’ve established in my other videos, I have been correct in predicting the large move down that has occurred. And indeed, the market is continuing to go lower. My current prediction is that the market “needs” to go another 100+ to 200 points […]

Will the Sell-off Continue? Here’s What Price Action Says…

Is the sell-off going to continue? That’s the question traders all over the world are asking. Our Atlas Line software is here to answer that question every day. And today, the answer was, yes! And was the Atlas Line correct? Yes! See for yourself. You’ll see multiple short (sell) winners – at least five, when […]

+5 Points Today: See How It’s Done Using the Roadmap

Ready to see two videos of our Roadmap software performing today? In the first video, you’ll see John Paul place a short trade based on a Roadmap short signal. Was it a winner? Yes! His trade hit the profit target in the next candle. This was a quick +2.5 points using 5 contracts. >> Get […]

2x Charts: See Precise Reversals Using the Roadmap

The Roadmap software has been so well received, I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received this week about how precise the moves are – especially the reversals. Take a look at these two charts from Thursday and Friday and tell me if you don’t see those 3 perfect short setups at 11:10, 11:30, […]

Absolute Clarity in Trading: 8-Weeks of Video Mentorship Begin Monday

Video – Want to know what our 8-Week Group Mentorship Program is like? Watch this video where we show a number of the trading methods along with charts and signals. The goal of Mentorship is for you to know all of our unique price action methods and how they can work together to provide a […]

How to Place Trades – Important for Beginner Traders

Still confused about placing orders? Do you know what the different types of orders are? Are you sure you’re using the best type of order for your trading method? This video sets out to answer these questions and many more. You’ll see a demonstration of the various order types (MIT, limit, stop-limit, market etc.). >> […]

How to Show Dollar Amounts in NinjaTrader 8 SuperDOM

The SuperDOM is how to place orders and manage trades. While you are in a trade, the bottom of the SuperDOM shows your profit or loss in points (the default display mode) and is colored red or green based on profit status. Many traders have asked us, “How can I see the profit or loss […]

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