The Pulse of Tech Stocks: A Comprehensive Analysis of 20 Years

Early trading in equity futures on Monday indicates that Wall Street is poised to build upon last week’s robust rally. Despite the recent volatility driven by concerns over rising bond yields conflicting with expectations of strong corporate earnings, particularly within the tech sector, market sentiment appears resilient. Following a slight dip of over 5% in […]

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For a limited time, we are offering monthly licenses for our most popular software. Use the special links below for monthly access to all our trading strategies /software.Choose one or more to combine the trading signals. > 30-day software access to our strategies> Daily trading room access> Live training every Friday> Support/setup assistance After purchase, […]

Revealed: Euro USD Winning Strategies on TradingView – Trade Scalper!

Trade scalper

Welcome, traders! Today, on this Friday, April 26th, we dive into the dynamic world of day trading, exploring the ins and outs of the currency market, particularly focusing on the Euro USD, alongside other lucrative markets, employing the revolutionary Trade Scalper software. But before we embark on this insightful journey, it’s crucial to acknowledge the […]

Free Download Trading View ABC Software💰

Hello Traders! Today, we’re diving into the ABC Trading method, a powerful strategy designed to navigate the complexities of the market. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, understanding the ABC method can provide valuable insights into price action trading. Before we delve into the details, remember that trading carries inherent risks, so […]

AutoPilot Trading: From Zero to $300 Before Breakfast! 💰

Hello Traders! Today is Tuesday, April 23rd, and we’re diving into the world of autopilot trading systems. Specifically, we’ll explore the potential of achieving a daily profit target of $300 using such a system. While this may seem like an ambitious goal, let’s see just how feasible it is in today’s market. When we talk […]

Tech Stocks on the Brink: Contrarian Investor Warns of AI-Driven Collapse

Tech stocks seem poised for a rebound, but according to Steven Jon Kaplan, the CEO of True Contrarian blog and newsletter managing $120 million, the sector may be headed for trouble reminiscent of the dot-com bubble. Kaplan predicts that the Invesco QQQ Trust Series, which tracks the Nasdaq-100, will drop from its current level of […]

Why Rushing to Sell Stocks Might Not Be the Best Move

Sectors that typically surge toward the end of bull markets are now falling behind. Despite last week’s volatile trading sessions, the primary trend in the U.S. stock market remains upward. This conclusion is supported by the sector relative-strength rankings, despite recent market fluctuations. My optimistic outlook is based on an analysis of sector performance during […]

Economic Uncertainty: S&P 500 on Track for Worst Month Since 2022

Bob Elliott, CIO of Unlimited Funds, emphasizes the challenge posed by the recent increase in commodity prices for the Federal Reserve. The surge in bond yields this month reflects concerns about sustained inflationary pressures amidst a buoyant economy, marking a significant setback for the ongoing bullish trend in the U.S. stock market. The S&P 500 […]

Nvidia’s Market-Cap Meltdown: Magnificent Seven Hit Record Losses

This week saw a staggering decline in the market capitalizations of the “Magnificent Seven” stocks, collectively losing $950 billion in market value. Among these, Nvidia took the hardest hit, shedding nearly $300 billion in market cap, surpassing even the entire market value of its rival, Advanced Micro Devices Inc., which stands at $237 billion. Nvidia’s […]

Finding Hope in the Downturn: Five Signals Suggesting the Stock Market’s Pullback is Easing

The performance of U.S. stocks lately isn’t exactly flattering. Despite starting strong, they consistently close lower, sending concerning signals about the overall market health. Thursday marked the fourth consecutive session where the S&P 500 experienced this reversal trend, the longest such streak in six years, indicating significant underlying issues despite recent rallies. Even amidst Friday’s […]

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