Do This to Avoid A Trading Loss | How to Manage Trades

Hello, traders. Before we begin, remember that Trading is risky. Any Trading that you’re doing is Risky Business. There are risks involved with any Trading you’re doing options, stocks, Forex. Talk to your broker to understand.  This video is a little different. The chart on the left is the trade scalper chart on the right […]

Today’s Atlas Line Signals: ES and NQ Winners

So, are you going to buy or sell? If so, when? These are the two questions traders ask themselves constantly throughout the day. But if you use one of our systems like the Atlas Line (see new video below), you won’t have to ask yourself any questions. You can just follow the signals and stick […]

Victory Trading Day – Scalping Method for Futures Trading

Let’s look at a real-time Trade Scalper signal. The conditions have been super volatile, so make sure you’re using stop losses. I knew the entry price and profit target price that I wanted. How? The Trade Scalper signal gave me the entry price to go for and the ATR (Average True Range) using a period […]

Latest Signals Reviewed & Free ABC Method Refresher

We thought it would be really helpful to share some recent signals and then give you a refresher on our free ABC Method. Some days trend; others don’t. Trending days are often ideal, but when there’s a lot of choppy activity, even the best traders can find themselves compromised. The day in review was a […]

Scalping Using Multiple Charts in 1 Screen

If you are day trading using a regular laptop or just one screen with your desktop computer, then you have probably realized that screen space is important. If your display is large enough, and if you have good eyesight, you can accommodate multiple charts. However, if your vision is less than perfect and you need […]

Powerful Scalping Method: 3 Days of Charts Video

Today, we have three Trade Scalper charts for you from the past three consecutive days. We had many winning signals for this scalping method, as you can see. The idea is to get in and out quickly. Every chart shows roughly the same time period, the morning US/Eastern using a 1-Minute E-mini S&P 500 chart. […]

We Were Right: Predicted Sell-Off Happened 1st Full Trading Day

Remember those sell-off video predictions John Paul recent published? Well, guess what happened the first full trading day of 2021? A big sell-off. Yes, this Jan. 4, 2021 sell-off was covered all over the news, exactly as anticipated. So, did you listen to those videos and then take advantage of the sell-off with short trades? […]

How to Place Trades – Important for Beginner Traders

Still confused about placing orders? Do you know what the different types of orders are? Are you sure you’re using the best type of order for your trading method? This video sets out to answer these questions and many more. You’ll see a demonstration of the various order types (MIT, limit, stop-limit, market etc.). >> […]

Four E-mini Signals for Today in Review

In this video, you’ll first see two great short signals today from the Trade Scalper and Atlas Line. After that, you’ll see two real-time trades based on the Trade Scalper and Atlas Line signals. The entry point for the short Atlas Line signal occurred just before price made a big move down. That’s exactly what […]

E-mini Signals: Scalping All-Time Highs + Accurate Prediction

Many winning signals here for the Trade Scalper. John Paul estimates one losing signal among 13 winners. Not bad, eh? Note the extended period of time. In addition, you’ll see a real-time trade at the end. See how the order isn’t filled? It can happen to the best of us. In this case, another Long […]

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