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CME ContractFutures trading has almost been around since the beginning of time, in one form or another. A major difference now is the accessibility to markets all over the world and the way orders are instantly placed. Another difference is that rules and regulations are set in place to protect the buyers and sellers. Along with all the red tape is the notion of contract rollover. A beginner day trading course will most likely not provide the information needed to prepare traders to rollover when the time is right. I have daily conversations with day traders all over the world, and how to day trade consistently is a common theme discussed. You may like E-Mini trading or maybe you fancy Currency trading, but truth be told that all traders should know the basic concept of rolling over to the next contract month when the time is right. To start you off on the right foot, I want you to learn day trading right from the start, and that means that learning to rollover a futures contract correctly is key!

The rule of thumb is to rollover to the following contract month on the 2nd Thursday or Friday of the expiring month. That’s it!
Simple, to the point and now you know.
E-mini and financials indexes, futures currencies and any other futures markets all work the same way. Find out more about futures contract rollover.

4 Responses

  1. Looking for videos on the power price action method that you discussed in this week’s webinar for E-mini trading

  2. boy oh boy the atlas line rocked today. June 1 2011 the bang short was dead on. JP i dont’ know how you do it, but oscar was right – you got something good. The Day trading course on scalping, can you tell me why you use tick charts? Futures trading is much better then stock trading, at least for me. done by noon, that’s how I like it.

  3. teach me to trade, please – the last thing i tried was break even at best. Trading with indicators sucks – I want to learn to trade just like you. In Italy we have many emini traders, but i want to learn the price action trading you do. common John Paul, help out a goaaaalllllly like me.

    1. You got it, no i’m here to clear up the indicator clutter from your trading charts. How to day trade and beat the markets is my goal daily. I have lots of trading videos and i work with traders from across the world. I look forward to hearing from you, thanks
      John Paul

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