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If you’re like us, then you have undoubtedly spent hours upon hours of your time scrolling through chart history to see if there is any discernible pattern hidden amongst the candles. As traders, we are tinkers by heart, who choose to make a laboratory amidst a sea of seemingly random price data. Perhaps your market analysis includes the use of well-known patterns or tools such as Fibonaccis (a rigid, mathematical approach) or Elliot Waves (psychological). Either type of approach is subject to the final test – price action, where price is plotted and at what time. This is why trading system development, or relying on any type of purchased system, should be based on the finality of price data. Each day presents new directions, caused by traders breaking from known patterns either by choice or due to news events. While there are those who will only trade / back-test a self-created system, Day Trade to Win is for everyone else who prefers to trade objectively using proven price action. For example, a product like the ATO has stood the test of time as a formidable E-mini trading strategy since its creation almost ten years ago. One could say that it has been back-tested every single day from the point at which it is purchased. One can also make the point that anything that is on the market this long and continues to receive product reviews has to be the real deal. The same applies for other day trading courses at Day Trade to Win. John Paul has done his homework and simply has made the most effective price action strategies available to the every day retail trader.

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  1. AHHHH!!! ya that’s how I feel every time IT KILLS ME! I’ve been desiring to make the LEAP into Price Action Day Trading, and then instead of seeing Home Alone Face, seeing Quite Waters with Speed Boat 🙂

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