Super Simple Day Trading: Up or Down

Can day trading get any easier than this, especially when 2x systems agree on the same direction. That’s going short, in this case. Price continues to drop thereafter, with a lot of winning potential. The first method shown is the ATO 2, a strategy that’s been around for over 12 years. It still works because […]

Is Day Trading Just a Game? 5 Important Concepts

Day trading may feel like you’re playing a computer game. Sometimes, fast hand-eye coordination makes all the difference between winning and losing. In the competitive gaming industry, winning comes with large prizes. Some computer games involve great real-time teamwork strategies; such things are undoubtedly employed by algorithms or professional systems with large capital. In the […]

Market Manipulation & Filtering Patterns: Roadmap Method

Here’s a new video showing how to get market manipulation to work in your favor. Manipulation can be many things. The basic trickery occurs when you see what looks like a strong trend up or down. By the time you recognize the opportunity and place an order, the market reverses or flattens. Manipulation is often […]

Trending Day: 4 Big Ways to Use Price Action

Quick question – do you ever really know if the day will be a trending day or will there be a lot of back and forth chop? The following video is entitled “4 Ways to Identify a Trend Using Price Action.” If you are correct that the day will be trending, then you can potentially […]

We Were Right: Predicted Sell-Off Happened 1st Full Trading Day

Remember those sell-off video predictions John Paul recent published? Well, guess what happened the first full trading day of 2021? A big sell-off. Yes, this Jan. 4, 2021 sell-off was covered all over the news, exactly as anticipated. So, did you listen to those videos and then take advantage of the sell-off with short trades? […]

Coming Soon: New Day Trading Strategy

We’re very excited to let you know that we have a new day trading strategy that will soon be available. Once the indicator’s development is complete, the indicator will be available for NinjaTrader. Later, we will make it available for MetaTrader. The day trading strategy is based on a more than a century-old method that […]

Back to Back Trading Days: ATO 2 and Atlas Line Combined

Take a look at the last two days of Atlas Line and ATO 2 trading performance in this video. To get both systems, sign up for our next eight-week Mentorship class, which begins Nov. 21, 2017. All courses and software are included with lifetime licenses. Click here for Mentorship details. The beginning of this video […]

Trade Management in Any Market – Webinar Recording

John Paul conducted a live public webinar today where he shared his charts with other traders. The main topic of this webinar was trade management. Trade management includes everything from order placement, to monitoring the market while you’re in a trade, to getting out at either a profit or loss. For your convenience, here is […]

Live Webinar – Battling Choppy Markets with Price Action

By popular demand, here’s the live webinar from yesterday, March 9, 2017. Many traders participated with a lot of great questions. The markets have been choppy lately. See how John Paul takes an objective approach despite the odds. You have to stick to the strategy and the rules no matter how intimidating the market can […]

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