New Day Trading SystemWe’re very excited to let you know that we have a new day trading strategy that will soon be available. Once the indicator’s development is complete, the indicator will be available for NinjaTrader. Later, we will make it available for MetaTrader.

The day trading strategy is based on a more than a century-old method that seems to have been forgotten in the modern world of computer software and online trading. The strategy was used and refined by floor traders and stock brokers during a time when they didn’t have trading platforms and real-time stock charts.

Yes, the strategy will be compatible with futures, stocks and forex.

Interestingly, this method is not in widespread use today, despite its effectiveness. It is still just as good as it was back then. I know for a fact that it is still used by professional day traders and day trading firms. Most of the world’s largest Wall Street firms, investment banks, and hedge funds (JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Bridge Water, Black Rock, Renaissance Technologies, KKR, etc.) use the Bloomberg Terminal (which costs about $25,000 per year!). And guess what? This method is available for the Bloomberg Terminal.

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So, this strategy we will soon introduce appears to be a well-kept secret that only professional day traders know. But why is it not available to individual day traders like you?

Could it be that it is deliberately withheld from the public? Maybe “they” don’t want to have us use it in our own day trading for a reason? Is it because it works so well? Could it be “they” don’t want the average day trader to know about this method?

Well, that’s about to change! 😀

This day trading method has been proven to consistently beat the market. I learned it from a veteran trader about ten or fifteen years ago. I have used it successfully in my own trading on a regular basis since. But what does it do? Well, think of it as a perfect way to day trade along with the waves of supply and demand in the market.

As we all know, the irrefutable laws of supply and demand are driving futures and stocks prices. It makes sense – when there is huge demand for a stock or a futures contract, the prices will rise. There is more demand than there is supply. For more supply to become available, prices must rise.

And when there is too much supply (too much selling), prices fall. There are more sellers than buyers. So until the prices have fallen, to make the price low enough, nobody will buy.

Normally, day traders like you and me will look at a chart and see that prices are currently moving up or down. But there is currently no good way to know if the trend is going to continue. We don’t know if the current pullback is just a pause in the uptrend, or if it is the beginning of a new downtrend.

Quite often, chart price movement can trick us into believing one thing, yet the very opposite happens soon after. That’s why prices seem to fall when you have just bought a stock. That’s also why prices always tend to reverse and start rising again, right after you sold your position. That’s one of the reasons why you’re struggling with making money consistently in your day trading!

With our new day trading strategy, we have a method of “pinpointing” exact turns in the waves of supply and demand. We know the exact moments when uptrends are ending and changing to down trends. We also know when new uptrends are formed.

That’s all I can tell you at the moment. We have a number of things to finalize, including the name of this new product as well as pricing. I don’t want the wrong people to learn about our new product before we have released it. Please make sure you subscribe (see form above) to learn more details as they become available.

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