Here’s a new video showing how to get market manipulation to work in your favor.

Manipulation can be many things. The basic trickery occurs when you see what looks like a strong trend up or down. By the time you recognize the opportunity and place an order, the market reverses or flattens. Manipulation is often this bait and switch that can incredibly frustrating. So, what do you do?

Much of the manipulation that you see is unnatural. It’s intentionally caused by trading algorithms or investors dumping money into the market in certain ways to create tempting illusions. While it may not be possible to recognize every manipulation pattern, there are still patterns that occur with some regularity.


This is what the Roadmap software capitalizes on – recognizing common manipulation patterns that have been in effect for years. Yes, some big trading firms and/or systems continue to run the same manipulation patterns year after year, and it’s about time traders like you have a chance!

Market Manipulation Software: Roadmap

John Paul uses the Roadmap software to counter market manipulation. He apples the Roadmap to the chart around 3:38 in this new video. Right away, you can see how the Roadmap provides great clarity. The zones help filter out trades going in the wrong direction inside each zone. What about buying the market again after one of those artificial short manipulations? Yes, the Roadmap can help you do that, too, as John Paul explains around 5:20. Next, the Roadmap provides its own Long (buy) and Short (sell) signals. They work best when there’s a quick reversal after nearing or touching a zone.

Like any trading method, losing trades will occur. John Paul readily points one out around 8:00 and explains how you can handle these situations. Handling such things gracefully and with minimum impact is key to successful trading.

Interested in using the Roadmap? It’s included with the 8-Week Mentorship Program. We have a new class that begins May 6, 2021. Click here for details. If you have any questions, please email us at

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