Knowing when and how to enter markets like the Euro Currency is 50% of the battle. The other 50% is deciding when to exit. The Atlas Line® day trading software works by making this extremely easy: order signals are automatically produced, advising you when to enter. In addition, the plotted line helps confirm the direction of price. When price is above the line, go with long trades. When below, go short. A free webinar is included with purchase, so you can learn special setups that can only be identified with the training, such as the Pullback trade that occurred around 10:50 a.m. today (see chart).

Futures trading (and currency trading) is safer than trading markets like Forex. In addition, emini trading is much safer compared to markets like the Japanese Yen, which seem to be all over the place. When trading the Euro, always use stops and trade with a clear direction in mind. The free webinar allows you to learn day trading for consistent profits in markets like the Canadian Dollar, Crude Light, British Pound, Australian Dollar and other decent-performers.

Grabbing Points Trading the Euro (6E)
Day Trading

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  1. I’ve had much better results in futures trading then forex trading. i’m looking to learn how to day trade and if this atlas line or any of the other day trading course that you guys have will get me where i need to be, i’m in!

  2. i gotta say that this is impressive for anyone to learn day trading. indicators simply don’t work and i know this from experience…

    1. have you seen the recent training at www.
      the trading results are all listed for emini sp, russel and currencies.

  3. hey I have a friend that was looking to learn day trading and is trading using your power price action day trading course and recommends it highly, any videos?

  4. How many trades per day does this give… I’m looking for less trades, more accuracy. looking to learn to day trade

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