If you’re from the United States (like us), you’re probably aware that Monday is Memorial Day, a federal holiday. Considered the unofficial start of the spring / summer vacation season (while commemorating fallen military service personnel), Memorial Day is always the last Monday of May. Every year, millions of Americans look forward to this three-day weekend. The lucky ones are also able to take off Friday before (today). As traders, we are somewhat dependent upon these lucky individuals who are normally trading with big money, creating volatility in the markets.

Whenever you encounter a trading day before a major U.S. holiday (like today), you can expect to see relatively low volatility for Emini trading. For example, today’s price action trading was bound within a range. Traders collectively decided on the highs and lows of the day, making the same mistakes and assumptions. Days with better price action / volatility are not range-bound. Instead, they show more of a gradual slope in the rise and fall of price instead of the zig-zag choppiness and periods of flat price action. This same behavior occurs on all U.S. based markets, having a great affect on all of futures trading.

Using the Atlas Line®, it’s still possible to make money on days like today (ES – May 27, 2011)
Day Trading

In the chart above, we purposely removed all of the text pointing out the profitable Atlas Line trades so you can see the price action. You can see how the Atlas Line was right on the money calling out the Long Trades and the Short Trades despite the relatively “flat” trading that was offered. If you’re not using a trading tool like the Atlas Line or one of our day trading courses other price action trading systems, then it’s best not to trade on days like today.

If you’re still going to attempt to trade anyway, at least try to stick with the morning session. The morning has traditionally offered the most consistent movement. Some days are really cut out do be traded ONLY the morning session. We refer to these days has “half-day trading.” A day like today offers some good morning trades and no reason to stay in to subject yourself to losses later in the day. Take advantage of the markets and give yourself an early start to the holiday weekend!

Here are some general tips on how to day trade around holidays:

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