Frank D. of Indiana recently switched from trading long-term stocks and options trading to short-term futures. This switch was the result of a losing short position in the Yen that was contradicted when price skyrocketed due to Japan’s seismic activity in March.

While searching for a new way to trade, Frank came across other day tradings systems and found them to be too convoluted. Frank describes these non-DTTW systems as “an interpretation mess.” He was pleased to see our courses are based on simple price action techniques, using quick analysis without indicators or cluttered charts.

Frank purchased our scalping courses and found success paper trading a week, then moving to live trading with a daily average of $200 using a single contract. Frank also purchased the Atlas Line and has been paper testing the system in recent days. His experience with the Atlas Line has also been very positive.

The best way to go about Scalping is to have both price action methods in your repertoire. The Scalping Mastery Combo Package includes both techniques, the Price Action Scalping Course for the E-Mini and the Trade Scalper (for the E-Mini and other markets). You can find out about our current course offerings the the trading courses page. As always, these techniques are included/taught in the Private Mentorship Program.

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  1. he has some interesting things to say if you could please have him email me I have some questions I’m curious to learn more about your price action methodologies from experienced traders thanks

  2. hey jp george from ny i see u have all these video testimonials form students i want to share my great experience on the mentorship i did w u how can i do or upload one for u?

    1. Hello Ivan,
      Both the Power Price Action and Atlas Line are Stand Alone methods. I would recommend you use them separately. Take each signal as it comes in sequence. To me this is the best way to use them both. – let me know if you have any questions and i look forward to having you attend the included training.

  3. i like the mastery package but am also considering the atlas line looking to for the best course for making consistent daily profits with the e-mini s&p futures with only 1 contract

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