The Roadmap Zones are designed to pinpoint areas where price may reverse/bounce. That’s the first thing John Paul will show you. In this example, the two Roadmap Zones keep you away from trading into an unprofitable directions. If price breaks through, then that’s an opportunity to place a trade in the breakthrough direction.

The main action of this video surrounds “what to do” with price nearing a lower Zone. Look at how quickly price reversed! What’s going on behind the scenes? The Roadmap is coded with an understanding of secret manipulation patterns. It knows what to do when they occur and advises you accordingly. Click here to learn more and get the Roadmap.


Lately, there’s been a lot of interest in the ATO 2 (At the Open 2) method. You can get the ATO 2 again using this link. John Paul provides a three-day review of ATO 2 signals. The ATO 2 is one of the most affordable ways to begin trading our methods.

What is the ATO 2? This method is the first method we ever released to the public. It is based on a specific price action pattern that occurs in the morning soon after the market opens. Once you understand the pattern or use the indicator to identify it, you’ll know where the opportunities occur. The ATO 2 signal software plots Long and Short signals as well as additional Chaser (C) signals to guide your trading.

By the way, we don’t use any of the typical indicators or typical price action methods. We don’t trade like other traders. We keep things simple and use proprietary methods. We provide training for all of these things to help ensure you fully understand what you’re doing.

Remember, you can get the ATO 2, Roadmap, and all of the methods with Lifetime Licenses by enrolling in the Accelerated Mentorship Program.

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