See 3 Days of ATO 2 Signals + Roadmap Real-time Zone Bounce Explained

The Roadmap Zones are designed to pinpoint areas where price may reverse/bounce. That’s the first thing John Paul will show you. In this example, the two Roadmap Zones keep you away from trading into an unprofitable directions. If price breaks through, then that’s an opportunity to place a trade in the breakthrough direction. The main […]

Consistent Atlas Line E-Mini S&P Profits

Two charts, two consecutive days of E-Mini S&P day trading. Both days, Atlas Line™ users knew what the market was going to do AHEAD of everyone else, allowing them to place targets and beat the rush of orders. Remember to click on each image for a bigger version. November 18, 2010 November 19, 2010 Find […] E-Mini Live Trades

The Atlas Line is put to the test with live orders being placed in NinjaTrader’s SuperDOM. Watch as orders are filled with ease and the points we rack up with long trades.

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