Trading can be tricky because profit is important, but so is managing risk. AutoPilot is an automated trading system that can help with both. It’s precise, manages risk, and is easy to use.

This post will explain how AutoPilot works, its special features, and how it can help traders make up to $500 in profit.


AutoPilot distinguishes itself from the plethora of automated trading systems through its strategic approach. Unlike systems that engage in continuous trading, AutoPilot focuses on specific time frames during the trading day. This approach not only limits the exposure of trading accounts to market fluctuations but also prevents the heightened risk associated with 24/7 trading.

By concentrating on select periods, AutoPilot’s creators have sought to strike a balance between seizing profitable opportunities and mitigating potential losses. This level of strategic restraint aligns with the system’s aim to cater to a broader range of traders, including those who may not have extensive experience or deep pockets.

Tailored Compatibility

AutoPilot has been tailored to work effectively with E-mini and Micro E-mini charts, which are popular among traders. These charts provide the necessary data to facilitate AutoPilot’s trading decisions. Additionally, compatibility with Nasdaq charts (NQ and MNQ) adds versatility to the system’s potential applications.

Years of Refinement

DayTradeToWin, the entity behind AutoPilot, has spent over 13 years perfecting its approach to automated trading. This dedication to refinement is evident in the careful backtesting and live testing that AutoPilot has undergone. The system’s creators have held back from offering it until they were confident in its ability to deliver consistent results.

Inclusive Accessibility

A notable aspect of AutoPilot’s appeal is its accessibility. The system is designed for everyday individuals with an interest in trading, regardless of their trading experience or financial status. The fundamental idea behind AutoPilot is simplicity: users can activate the system, allowing it to operate autonomously, or they can manage individual trades that AutoPilot suggests. This hands-free approach empowers traders by automating the execution of trades while they focus on other aspects of their lives.

Distinctive Methodology

What sets AutoPilot apart from other trading systems is its foundation in solid price action principles. Instead of relying on complex algorithms or speculative techniques, AutoPilot’s methodology revolves around reading and responding to market movements based on established price patterns. This grounded approach aims to reduce the dependency on guesswork and to provide users with a more reliable trading experience.


AutoPilot represents a significant step forward in automated trading systems. By focusing on targeted trading periods, maintaining compatibility with popular charts, and implementing a user-friendly interface, it offers a unique proposition for traders seeking a balance between profit potential and risk management.

Backed by years of development and tested experience, AutoPilot introduces a fresh perspective on achieving trading goals. Whether you’re an aspiring trader or an experienced hand, AutoPilot’s ability to potentially generate $500 in profit underscores its promise in the world of automated trading.

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