Live Atlas Line Trade Good for 2.75 Points on E-mini S&P

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John Paul adds the Atlas Line to his July 31, 2015 E-mini S&P chart to show you the live trades the software produces. The signals that you see in the video are the same for all Atlas Line users. Typically, he uses between 8-12 contracts, depending how comfortable he is with the market conditions. In this trade, the ATR was around 3 points. We like to use pre-configured ATM strategies because they allow quick selection of a commonly used profit target and stop loss. It’s very important to always have a profit target and stop loss in mind, otherwise you open yourself up to emotional decisions instead of price objectivity. The Long signal was given for 2100.75. The profit target and stop loss John Paul uses is based on what current market conditions can provide (as indicated by the ATR). Many traders use a fixed profit and risk strategy, which can get them into trouble. We have plenty of videos that explain exactly why John Paul uses certain profit targets and stops. For this trade, the profit expectation is around 10 to 12 ticks (based on the ATR). The stop, also based on the ATR, is double. Scary, right? But this is only a safety net in case there’s a sudden, and unlikely, catastrophic event. If the profit target does not get hit, we will most likely get out at a smaller loss, break even, or even small profit. You’re taught how to do these other stop strategies in the included live training session. Keep in mind that John Paul is fast-forwarding this video. The BarTimer normally counts down second by second, but you can see it’s sped up in order to show what occurred with the trade more quickly. This trade was good for +2.75 points.


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