Don’t Make This Trading Mistake…

John Paul places an E-mini trade about halfway in the video worth $600+ (+2.5 points) using five contracts.

We often here stories about all the things our clients have tried before using our methods. Often, people tell us how they were lured into trading the E-mini opening right when it opens: 9:30 a.m. US/Eastern or immediately thereafter. Big mistake! And to make things worse, they used tight stops, which were often hit.

They were banking on price going exactly to their profit target in an unwavering motion. It doesn’t work that way! Fluctuations occur constantly. Avoid the first 10 minutes, as that period often has big swings. Our ATO 2 method has been relied upon for years by traders to deal with the opening of the market and find moves that we believe are far safer. We teach traders an adaptable, realistic approach.

As demonstrated, The ATO 2 can run on a 1-Minute chart alongside the Trade Scalper.

You could purchase each method separately or save by enroll in our eight-week Mentorship Program and get everything with Lifetime Licenses. The next class begins soon – Aug. 4, 2020.

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