Trade Management: Risk & Reward in Price Action Trading

In this new video, you’ll see two trades: one based on an Atlas Line Pullback (P) short signal and the other based on a Roadmap short signal. John Paul details his thought process behind why he takes each trade and how they’re managed.

These two trades provide an excellent opportunity to discuss various trade/risk/reward management techniques.

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Can you confidently describe why you take each trade? Do you have a good reason or are you trading by guessing or instinct? Do you know how to filter out potential overbought or oversold conditions?

In this video, we also discuss:

  • How to use Atlas Line pivotal stops
  • How to wait for a better price
  • Regular market orders, MIT, importance of getting filled
  • Why Roadmap signals appear where they do
  • Why a better entry price is better than adjusting the stop loss

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