ATO 2 and Atlas Line Short Signals in Bull Market

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Today, January 9, 2018, the ATO 2 software produced a short signal at 9:55 a.m. EST (New York time, GMT-5) when the market was at 2750.50. All of our ATO 2 clients should have received the exact same signal. With every trade, John Paul uses a profit target and stop loss. If you trade without them, you’re subjecting yourself to increased risk. In the included training, he will teach you the recommended values for this strategy. For this particular trade, current market conditions (as assessed by the ATR) determined a profit target of two points. Slower markets = smaller target, smaller stop. Faster, volatile markets = larger target, larger stop. If the market is simply too fast or too slow, stay out.

John Paul believes it’s a good thing when multiple unrelated ideas (indicators or strategies) confirm the direction you should be trading. The Atlas Line short signal at 10:00 a.m. confirms the ATO 2 signal. If the Atlas Line produced a long signal, the ATO 2 trade would have less confidence.

If you like to learn how to trade at your own pace, remember each live Mentorship lesson is recorded. After each class, you can log in and play back the video recordings.

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