$600 Profit Trading Live During Mentorship Class

Watch John Paul make 1.25 points using the Atlas Line while teaching one of his students. The other voice you hear in the video is a one-on-one Private Mentorship student who is asking John questions. Normally, when John is training his students either in the individual or group Mentorship classes, he focuses on teaching instead of trading. When a profitable and educational trading opportunity arises during lecture, John takes the trade. Watch the video to see how the Atlas Line’s Long signal is used along with a target of 1.25 points. You’ll see a fairly large stop (Catastrophic) in place as indicated by NinjaTrader’s Chart Trader, but this is not used. If the trade started to move against him, John would have used a Prove-It stop in this case, triggering when price closes below the plotted Atlas Line. A second Time-Based stop is also kept in mind, but not used as price eventually hits the target. Each stop strategy along with the entire method for trading the Atlas Line is taught in the included live training or in Private Mentorship (if you prefer to learn everything we offer).

Remember, let price prove to you how it wants to be traded. Also, have a defined entry and exit strategies in mind before each trade. This keeps risk management in check and makes your trading objective.

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