Part 1: Making Profit from the Jobless Claims Report
The jobless economic report on August 25, 2011 caused a huge green candle around 9:15 a.m. The candle was the result of traders covering their short positions. Any Bloomberg red star news events are best avoided as the market can unpredictably move strongly. There’s really no correlation between “positive” news events driving price higher or “negative” news events drive price to new lows. To prove this, the jobless report said there were fewer jobs and then E-mini price went up. In the Mentorship Program, John has a couple strategies he teaches his students to create profit out of news event volatility. You can see how he makes the jobless report work in his favor by producing a 3.5 point winner. A twist of irony, eh?

Part 2: Missed Atlas Line Trade – Paying Attention is Key
We post a lot of futures trading videos showing John Paul’s perfect trades. While he’s successful to a very high degree, you can see how trades can slip away from even the best traders who are late to arrive at the party. Paying attention, placing your orders in advance / on-time is key. The Atlas Line produced the right signal on the E-Mini, but because John wasn’t paying attention, it resulted in a missed opportunity of around four points. See how this Short signal shows up at 1175. The trade then starts to run away and John’s limit order does not follow. His only option is to look for Atlas Line Strength Trades and Pullbacks. When trades don’t work in your favor, it’s best to just let them go. Another opportunity is on its way – learn from your mistakes and move on!

Part 3: Atlas Line Strength Trade
Soon after John missed the first Atlas Line trade, he noticed an Strength setup. Using the fact that price was below the Atlas Line, he went short according the the Strength Trade rules. You can see how it would be disadvantageous to chase after price. Hold those limit orders! He sets up a two point profit target with three stops in place. Target filled. That’s five points using the Atlas Line – not to count the other E-mini trading techniques that could have been used.

Finally, we’d like to congratulate William C. from Indian Head, MD for winning the free Mentorship drawing. He will be attending the eight weeks of training with included courses and software along with other enrolled students. If you’d like to enroll, complete the form on the Private Mentorship page and we’ll be in touch with the details. Coaching starts this Monday, August 29.

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  1. The video posted on Aug 26th,5 E-mini Points with News and Atlas Line, is missing the video after about 4:15 into the video. There is audio only……

    1. Thanks Matt, The video was not displaying correctly, so i decided to split it into 3 parts, the actual 3 videos instead of merging them.
      It prefers to work better this way.

  2. Is it possible to do this inside an hour after the market opens? Or at least scalp the ES? Without necessarily being based solely on News?

    1. Hi Darius, i would not advise it unless the reference candle is an extreme candle similar to the one created like a news event, if that is the case then i would say yes.

  3. Thank you for sharing the amazing atlas line with us. Using the atlas line…what percent of your trades are profitable? Are there traders that have been trading a long time with the Atlas Line? I would be interested in their comments. Thanks for all you do.


    1. Hi Henry,
      The Atlas Line is roughly 85% profitable on the signals provided. (3 in total) In the How-To-Webinar provided after obtaining the Atlas Line, i explain further how to manage the stops, reversals, additional trades during trends and so forth.
      Most traders purchase the Atlas Line as a lifetime license and have been receiving free updates for the past 5 years. If you search my blog you will find many comments and shared ideas for using the Atlas LIne above and beyond how I developed it.
      One of the ways is by adding multiple Atlas Line’s to your chart for additional entries. Email me directly if you have further questions, and i look forward to having you attend the upcoming client training. -JOhn

  4. Your type of trading price action is the best, comparison with several others using average indicators. Thanks for showing the little traders the possibility that price action can be taught and traded.

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