Missed today’s live webinar? Watch the recording above to see what happened. Right away, you can see our Trade Scalper running on two markets in one chart: the ES (E-mini S&P 500) and CL (Crude Oil). Everyone who attended saw the trading signals plot in real-time.

At about 1:50, John Paul explains the importance of having common sense stop loss values. Too high and the risk exposure is too great. Too low and regular price fluctuations will exit a position prematurely. Because the Trade Scalper is a scalping method, the danger is choppy and/or rapid market conditions considering smaller profit target (3 to 4 ticks) and stop loss values are used. As an option, consider using a trailing stop. Learn how to use trailing stops beginning at 4:30.

Other topics covered:
• 14:30: Cyclic daily price activity
• 19:30: MIT (market if touched) orders vs. limit orders
• 25:30: Using our Atlas Line software as a predictive tool (Long signal)
• 30:00: More Trade Scalper signals with potential wins/losses/expectations discussed
• 32:30: Knowing your profit limits and the dangers of overtrading; profit and loss management, psychology

Do you know that we have a new Group Mentorship class that begins Feb. 27, 2020? Class times are Tue. and Thu. from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. EST (UTC-5). Click here to find out more.

If instead, you want to start off with the Trade Scalper, click here for our courses page.

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