Let’s see what happens when you combine the ATO 2 and the Atlas Line. When multiple methods confirm the same direction, some traders think that’s a good thing, and take trades they wouldn’t otherwise take or go for larger profits. Let’s see what happens to John Paul in this video…

The Atlas Line software provided a short signal at 2548. By applying NinjaTrader’s Chart Trader, you can see exactly where the profit target and stops were placed. Notice the ATM Strategy in use (bottom of SuperDOM window), which applied the profit target and stop loss right when entering the trade. In John Paul’s training, he covers how to spot overbought and oversold markets (risky conditions). Look at the distance between the blue dashed Atlas Line and price down below. The best trades occur when price is closer to the Atlas Line because generally, the stops will be smaller.

The profit target for this high-risk trade is two points, which is based on rounding down the current ATR value. According to the strategy, current market conditions potentially allow for these two points of movement (8 ticks of profit). Trading is relative – the slower the market, the smaller the profit target. The faster the market, the larger the profit target. However, conditions that are too fast and too slow exist. We cover those rules as well during the training.

John Paul applies the ATO 2 software at around 3:20 in the video. Look at how the signal matches the Atlas Line exactly. Of course, these two methods and their calculations are very much different. Normally, John Paul may have ignored this Atlas Line trade because of the overbought/sold conditions. The additional confirmation is helpful in this case.

Part of the Mentorship Program is learning how to combine all of our strategies into a sort of mental flowchart, where different conditions will trigger your use of various techniques. The market needs to “tell you” that it’s ready, then it’s up to you to apply the method.

Spoiler alert – the trade resulted in a seven or eight tick winner. If you are interested in either the ATO 2 or Atlas Line, let us know. You can always contact us regarding special pricing when purchasing multiple strategies at once.

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