If you’re using NinjaTrader, you will need to know how to place trades. This video is a quick guide that will teach you how to use NinjaTrader 8’s SuperDOM to place trades. Think of the SuperDOM as a remote control that is used to place your trades and interact with the market. There are a number of different order types that you can use. Your strategy and/or market conditions will likely dictate the one that you should be using.

Market orders – one of the most common, enter at the current market price, small amount of slippage usually involved
Limit orders – get me in at this price or better, less slippage than market orders, sell at or above current price, buy at or below current price
Stop orders (stop limit) – buy or sell at a particular price, sell when below, buy when above
MIT (market if touched) orders – essentially, a limit order that becomes a market order when a specific price is reached

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