Here’s an updated version of our popular NinjaTrader 8 “crash course” video. This covers nearly all steps recommended for basic NinjaTrader 8 setup. If you are considering day trading or simply want to play around with NinjaTrader 8, this video is a must-watch. We believe the instruction is straightforward.


The presentation begins with instructions for how to download NinjaTrader 8. From there, we discuss installation, configuration, and chart navigation. Because the trading platform does not include a real-time data feed, you must request one. Watch the video’s instructions on how to plug in the data feed. From there, you can open up a real-time chart. This is the start of the trading experience. Once you see real-time candles, then it’s probably just a matter of time before you get a sense of what you’re looking at.

On the chart, you are looking at price traveling through time. Price is constantly fluctuating. As a trader, your job is to find profitable trades and minimize losses. This is often easier said than done, as experienced traders will tell you. This is why we have a number of trading courses and software. We hope they help you reduce the learning curve. In fact, our eight-week Mentorship Program is the most comprehensive solution we offer, providing over 10 trading methods in the form of indicators and learned/applied methodologies.

Going forward in the video, you’ll see a number of tweaks that we recommend. Showing the date range in the upper-left of the chart is one example. We also recommend setting Chart Trader to hidden which allows for-profit target and stop-loss lines on the chart, providing you also have applied an ATM Strategy.

If you have any questions about the material or our courses and software, please let us know. Our email is

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