Within the last week, you may have noticed a new look throughout the website. After a couple months of planning and design, the new Day Trade to Win website is much improved. With a focus on content and the success of our students / clients, we’ve revamped nearly every page.

A few pointers for navigating the new site:

• Learn 3 exact trading methods by visiting the Videos page. You’ll be asked to provide your email address after a few minutes to continue watching. Don’t worry – this goes away immediately and you can watch all the videos you want.

• The FAQ page is now a great educational resource. This frequently updated page acts as a trading glossary (Day Trading 101 – The Basics) and an instructional source (Day Trading 102 – How-To Guides). For example, you can learn basic trading terminology John Paul uses in his videos and how to perform essential trading tasks like contract rollover, using Market Replay, etc. Remember to click the See More buttons for easier navigation.

• The Recent Trades (results) page is now a bit more consolidated. With most of the changes on the back end, John Paul just needs a spare moment every week to update the trades.

• We’ll get to updating the Power Price Action trades soon, along with new videos for each of our products and redesign of this blog. These types of updates are very time consuming, so please bear with us.

• You can now sign up to attend a Private Mentorship lesson right on the Private Mentorship page. John Paul will teach you one exact trading method from the Private Mentorship Program. It’s entirely separate from any other method you’ve seen from us.

• Keep checking back as we’re always adding new content – especially videos.

As always, if you have any comments / recommendations for the site, we’d love to hear them – leave a comment below.

3 Responses

  1. hey where did all the other products go to like ato and such?? nice website btw but it seems you have less products now

  2. oh never mind i see your other blog post now mentioning that some of your products are not being sold here anymore so that answers my question thanks and nice website again u guys rock! 🙂

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