Welcome back, traders! In this comprehensive blog post, we’re delving into the intricacies of day trading, specifically focusing on the Trade Scalper method and various other strategies to enhance your trading arsenal. Unlike our previous videos, this one will be a bit longer because we have a lot to cover. So, buckle up as we explore the Trade Scalper and gain insights into mastering price action.

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Disclaimer: Before we proceed, it’s crucial to remember that trading involves inherent risks. Always be aware of the risks associated with trading and never invest funds you cannot afford to lose. Now, let’s dive into the exciting world of day trading.

To begin, let’s discuss the essence of price action trading. We steer clear of subjective indicators like moving averages and MACDs, opting for a more objective approach. The signals we focus on are specific and clear-cut, indicating whether to go long or short at a given price. The idea is to avoid chasing the market and maintain objectivity in our trading decisions.

At Day Trade to Win, we emphasize education-based trading. It’s not a black box; instead, traders understand the reasons behind each signal. Knowing why a particular signal occurs is as important as spotting it. This knowledge empowers traders and helps them make informed decisions.

Traders who have achieved success with Apex, Leeloo, and TOP Step accounts often use a combination of strategies, including the Roadmap, Trade Scalper, and Atlas Line. For those interested in this approach, our Accelerated Mentorship program is a comprehensive package at a discounted rate. Check out the program, as it includes the entire software suite along with a new live trading room as a bonus.

Now, let’s dive into the Trade Scalper method. The Trade Scalper provides clear and objective signals, making it an excellent choice for traders looking to get funded or manage their own accounts. The key is to be objective and stick to the rules.

In the video, we observe a short entry signal at 4919.25, illustrating a specific and objective entry point. It’s crucial to trade within a few ticks of the signal, avoiding chasing the market. Utilizing the Average True Range (ATR) helps gauge market speed, and having a well-defined stop is paramount for risk management.

The goal with the Trade Scalper is to go for a small target and exit the trade quickly. Time management is crucial; the longer you’re in the market, the higher the risk exposure. Trailing stops are an option for larger targets, especially in volatile markets.

The Atlas Line is another tool in our trading toolkit. It provides additional guidance by indicating the overall trend direction. Combining the Trade Scalper with the Atlas Line enhances confidence in trade decisions.

As a bonus, we’ve introduced a new live trading room for our members. It’s an opportunity to join us daily, view signals, ask questions, and stay involved in the trading community.


In conclusion, mastering day trading involves a blend of education, clear signals, and risk management. The Trade Scalper, Atlas Line, and other strategies complement each other, providing a robust approach to the dynamic world of day trading. Remember, trading success is not about winning every trade but managing risk and making informed decisions.

If you have questions or want to share your trading experiences, leave a comment below. Your engagement is appreciated. Stay tuned for more valuable insights in our upcoming videos. Happy trading!

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