Do you want to practice trading when the market is closed? Many people work during the day during prime times for futures trading. We understand how important it is to practice and so does NinjaTrader. That’s why they included a feature called Market Replay that allows you to play back old price activity as though it’s occurring in real-time. The experience is just like regular paper trading; they even give you a practice account to use called Replay101. This video walks you through steps to prepare the playback practice environment.

By this way, this and many more common “how-to” tasks for NinjaTrader 8 can be found on this super helpful reference page. Bookmark it and refer back to it as needed!

As you can see, you will need to download each day’s worth of practice or replay data. Pick a day or days that were particularly challenging. You may even want to select days that were easy to train yourself not to over-trade. Once the data is downloaded, connect to the Playback Connection in the Connections menu. From there, you the small Playback window should appear. That window is a tool that will help you jump right to the price action you want to practice with. You can fast-forward, rewind, and jump to specific points in time. Note that dragging the slider will force you to “rewatch” all transpired price activity replot up until that point.

All of our price action indicators and trading methods should work just fine with Market Replay. Level II data is included, as you can see in the SuperDOM. Again, this is a great way to practice if you are unavailable/working during real-time practice hours. For example, if you drive a truck during the day and find yourself with WiFi at night, why not put in some practice time?

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