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In this video, you’ll see a trade based on a Trade Scalper short signal. The Trade Scalper software clearly announced it was time to sell the market.
Before that, you’ll see other signal examples. For example, a prior short signal occurred right before a big move down and that’s what we like to see.


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The volatility of the market determines the profit target and stop loss. We use the ATR (Average True Range) to measure volatility. This was a $125 profit target when using one contract. With 5 contracts, that would have been $625. Keep in mind, commissions and other fees are not included, but should be relatively minimal as compared to the expected profit amount.

With purchase of the Trade Scalper or other methods, we can help you get set up with to practice with real-time data. Free setup and support are included. From there, you can limit your win/loss per trade via the Micros rather than the regular markets. These Micros are are 1/10th the size of their counterparts.

Some traders prefer to get everything; not just the Trade Scalper. Accelerated Mentorship is our fully inclusive package of all methods, all training videos, and live training. It’s self-paced, meaning that you can join at any time and learn at your convivence.

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