Pro Trader Secrets: Countering Market Manipulation!

Hello Traders! It’s Wednesday, January 24th, and today we’re diving into the exciting world of market manipulation using the groundbreaking Roadmap trading software. Buckle up as we recap today’s action and explore how this proprietary tool is changing the game for traders worldwide. The Roadmap software, driven by price action, unveils market manipulation zones marked […]

5 trades – Losers + Winners Using AutoPilot Trading Strategy

Today, buckle up as we delve into the exciting world of autopilot trading systems. We’ll explore how this cutting-edge technology handles losing and winning trades, and how it can potentially skyrocket your trading success. Ready to embark on this journey? Let’s dive in! The Autopilot Advantage 📈 The autopilot trading system operates seamlessly. What sets […]

Day Traders 🔥 Follow Along If You Dare

Welcome, day traders! Are you looking to enhance your trading skills with cutting-edge software? Join us on an exciting journey as we explore the world of day trading with DayTradeToWin. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this blog post is your chance to uncover new opportunities. Get ready to follow along and discover what […]

Scalp Trading With Renko and Minute Charts Using Trade Scalper Software


Hello traders, what you see here are two charts, but using the same software. It’s the trade scalper software on two different charts on the right side is a one-minute chart, and on the left side is a Renko chart and a 10 Renko chart. So I’ve gotten a lot of questions on what type […]

Atlas Line Right Again? Yes! Another Short Day of Winners…

Here’s a follow-up video from yesterday. Remember when I said the market will be going lower? Well, here we are again today with another Atlas Line short (sell signal). Price dropped soon after that. Another winner! And what about the Trade Scalper? Many short winners as well, and it looks like many of the long […]

Here’s How I Scalped the E-mini Today Using the Trade Scalper…

Now is a great time to become a YouTube subscriber because I will soon be doing live broadcasts there. Subscribers can receive notifications of when I go live. In this video, you’ll see a trade based on a Trade Scalper short signal. The Trade Scalper software clearly announced it was time to sell the market. […]

Today’s Atlas Line Signals: ES and NQ Winners

So, are you going to buy or sell? If so, when? These are the two questions traders ask themselves constantly throughout the day. But if you use one of our systems like the Atlas Line (see new video below), you won’t have to ask yourself any questions. You can just follow the signals and stick […]

Live Webinar: Understanding Market Movement

Thank you all for attending! By request, here is Part 1 of the live webinar recorded today, May 18… Topics discussed in this first part: What is price action – knowing “why” you trade how you trade is important. Knowing provides a certain confidence. How to create a Free Member account and learn the ABC […]

Get the ABC Indicator Download – Here’s How…

Want to the ABC Indicator seen in this video? We have a free trial available if you become a Free Member. You could find the entries yourself…or just rely on the indicator to automatically point them out. The Free Member area also contains the ABC Manual. The manual explains the price action pattern behind the […]

+5 Point Move Using Atlas Line Today

The Atlas Line recognized a great +5 point opportunity today. John Paul places a real-time trade based on a price action short signal. Two candles closing below the yellow Atlas Line caused the signal to appear. Very quickly, price hit the target, resulting in a winner. >> Get the Atlas Line signals << This is […]

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