Micro E-mini & Regular E-mini Scalping Signals

The movement of the Micro E-mini is the same as the E-mini. The difference is the tick value. The Micro is 1/10th the tick size of the regular E-mini. That means the Micro is $2.50 per tick rather than $12.50 per tick. What does that mean for your trading? Less of a financial impact in […]

Atlas Line Calls Out Market Crash + Using Zone Reversals

We’re updating our post here to share a new video that was recorded today, May 9. Sometimes, you have to ask yourself, “Today, when I trade, should I be focused more on selling or buying?” The purpose of the Atlas Line is to answer that question… Get Accelerated Mentorship to Access Everything In addition, the […]

Victory Trading Day – Scalping Method for Futures Trading

Let’s look at a real-time Trade Scalper signal. The conditions have been super volatile, so make sure you’re using stop losses. I knew the entry price and profit target price that I wanted. How? The Trade Scalper signal gave me the entry price to go for and the ATR (Average True Range) using a period […]

Are You Using Our Free News Indicator Yet? Avoid Sudden Volatility & More…

Did you know that we have a free news indicator that you can download and use right away? It’s a great way to stay on top of upcoming scheduled news events. Using the news indicator, you can avoid the sudden volatility or take advantage of these big moves with my news trading strategy that are […]

Using 2x Systems to Validate and Confirm Trade Entries – A Winning Strategy

Here’s an example of how the Atlas Line and Trade Scalper work together. Why use just one method when adding another can filter and confirm signals? This is one way I maximize performance on a daily basis… Get the Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, or both + more via Accelerated Mentorship Right away, you can see […]

Learn This Easy Stop Loss Strategy to Manage Trading Risk

A big secret to successful trading is knowing when to get out of the trade at profit or loss. Watch this new video to see how we manage Atlas Line and Trade Scalper trades… >> Get the Atlas Line and/or Trade Scalper << We like to hold a trade for a maximum of 4 or […]

Enjoy This Week’s Videos: Many Signals & Winning Opportunities

Have you seen all the trading videos from this week? Here’s a full list… The first video below covers the ABC Method. With the new Accelerated Mentorship Program, you’ll get the ABC Software with a Lifetime License. Yes, you’ll get more much more: Roadmap, Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, Blueprint, ATO 2, and much more. So, […]

Watch How This Scalping Trade Actually Worked in My Favor

Here’s a video of a Trade Scalper trade from this morning. After a weekend off, many traders are eager to jump into Monday morning trading. Eagerness can easily lead to mistakes. It’s important to stick with a set of rules or a procedures that you understand and can comfortably put into practice. Remember that we’re […]

Roadmap Identifies Multiple Reversals During Live Webinar

Did you attend today’s live webinar? Here’s Part 1. See for yourself how effective the Roadmap is to recognize key boundary points. When price approaches one of the zones, we can expect a reversal. If price closes a certain way beyond it, we can expect a continuation in the same direction. You can position your […]

Here’s How to Beat Market Manipulators at Their Own Game

Let’s take a look at the Roadmap software provided with the new Accelerated Mentorship Program. The goal of the roadmap is to beat market manipulators at their own game. If you understand that financial markets are manipulated or have, let’s say, artificial trajectories, then it may be possible to figure out these patterns of manipulation, […]

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