We’re updating our post here to share a new video that was recorded today, May 9.

Sometimes, you have to ask yourself, “Today, when I trade, should I be focused more on selling or buying?” The purpose of the Atlas Line is to answer that question…

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uE_XJjePeYY[/embedyt]

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In addition, the Atlas Line tells you when to place a trade using its main Long and Short signals as well as the Pullback and Strength signals that can also be either Long or Short in direction.

Today, the Atlas Line answered, “Stick with short trades. Price is below my yellow line. If price crosses my line and closes twice on the other side, you may look for long opportunities.”

By the way, did you see the two videos we posted last week?

This first one is from Thursday, May 5, Cinco de Mayo. The timing and market crash reminded me of the Hindenburg disaster from 85 years ago. When you’re trading futures, a crashing market can be a good thing, much unlike the famed airship’s fall…

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LX76H7Lthnc[/embedyt]

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That Atlas Line provided a nice Short signal and many more sell signals throughout the day. There were no Atlas Line long/buy trades, as you can see. So, this was a great morning for Atlas Line users. An SSS indicates an Atlas Line Strength trade. A PPP indicates an Atlas Line Pullback trade. Did the sell-off continue into the afternoon? That was a question on the minds of many. Regardless, there were plenty of opportunities in the morning to finish the day successfully…

The next video we have for you was recorded Tuesday, May 3. You’ll hear explanations of manipulation and see how the Roadmap sets up Zone areas that can guide your trading. The Roadmap was designed with manipulation in mind.

That said, I recommend practicing with a real-time simulator for a good period. This will improve your understanding of the platform, the mechanics of placing a trade, and if you have the Roadmap (from Accelerated Mentorship), how to best use its guidance.

What is a Roadmap Zone? These are areas where the Roadmap expects reversals or resistance activity to occur. If you find yourself thinking, “Where is the market moving from and where is it going?” That is a question the Roadmap “wants” to answer. If price strong continues through a Zone, that may be a sign it’s good to buy and there is no reversal expected in the near future. Many times, I have seen price movement come to a halt once it moves near a Zone level. Price doesn’t want to continue. So, if you’re already in a trade with another system such as the Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, Blueprint, etc., then you could use the Roadmap’s guidance to position a stop loss or profit target.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6JtsUL3rBg[/embedyt]

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If the idea is that reversals are expected to occur after price pauses near a Roadmap zone, does that mean you can use the reversal as a sell opportunity? You bet! And if there’s a zone in the new reversal direction, you want to be out by then. That’s what I demonstrate in this video. And what happens if it breaks through that new level? You guessed it – another opportunity in the same direction!

As you can see, the Roadmap is a unique tool that uses Zone lines to identify opportunities and potential reversals. Yes, it has entry signals of its own, but you will likely find that using the Zone lines of more regular use. The only way to get the Roadmap is via the Accelerated Mentorship Program – see all the details here.

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  1. I use 2000 tick charts with the Atlas Line and Trade Scalper which works nicely in this high volatility. Can you post some videos using the Tick Charts with the software?

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