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In this video, you’ll first see two great short signals today from the Trade Scalper and Atlas Line. After that, you’ll see two real-time trades based on the Trade Scalper and Atlas Line signals.

The entry point for the short Atlas Line signal occurred just before price made a big move down. That’s exactly what we like to see. And the move down after the Trade Scalper signal (the short at 3343.5) was enough to reach the profit target.

If you want to see the real-time trades, the first one occurs at 1:43 in the video. That’s a long (buy) Trade Scalper signal with a profit target of approximately 2.25 points. How does the math work out? 2.25 points * 4 ticks in a point = 9 ticks, each ES tick is worth $12.50, so $12.50 * 9 = profit of $112.50 trading 1 contract before any broker fees, etc. If you trade more than one contract, multiply the $112.50 by the amount of contracts traded and subtract the appropriate amount for broker and trading-related fees).

The last real-time trade shows how the Atlas Line and Trade Scalper both agreed it was time to place a Long trade. We like when multiple systems agree on the anticipated direction of the market. As such, a long trade was placed.

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