What a surprise today! Price tanked by a large margin similar to market behavior a couple of weeks ago. The Atlas Line® was spot on prior to this huge move down. If you knew to stay out of long trades and go short, you would have reaped the benefits. The Atlas Line produced a short signal at 1151.75. So how did this work out? At 1:50 in the video, you can see a perfect example of how going short was great, offering multiple Pullback trade opportunities. Later in the day (near market close), you can see an intersection. Remember that the day trading education class (at a reduced group rate) begin Monday, August 29. The Atlas Line works for other types of futures trading and currency trading for NinjaTrader, eSignal and TradeStation. Such wide support is possible because the Atlas Line is entirely based on price action.

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  1. good video. although i already have the atlas. i still enjoy your videos jp. volatility’s been insane lately wow? i day trade the emini and euro with atlas for 2 points a day and i’m done. what is going on with the markets though. i read it’s continue to drop can’t believe it.

  2. Hello- I am considering between your atlas price action method or your coaching mentorship program at reduced rate that you’re offering this week. I really need coaching though but your videos make it almost seem to easy. I’ll decide today. Please email me any other discounts you have to offer.

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