Winning ATO 2 Signals for Multiple, Consecutive Days

Watch this video to see how the ATO 2 software performed recently over several consecutive days. Want the ATO 2 signals? Click here.

Typically, when a market opens, volatility increases. As the market begins trading, there’s a battle between buyers and sellers. Sometimes the buyers overtake the sellers and vice versa. This battle can be more volatile if international news events occur premarket. The At the Open 2 (ATO 2) is all about taking advantage of the initial rush. The ATO is compatible with many different markets. The software provides entry signals and tells you exactly when to place a trade and the anticipated direction. There’s no guesswork involved. When the market begins to push up or down, the ATO helps find entry opportunities.

As with other our strategies, the ATR (Average True Range) is used to gauge market conditions and determine profit targets and stop losses. This allows the ATO strategy to be adaptive. Risk and goals relate to what the market can reasonably produce at the current moment. Configure the ATR to use a period value of four. If the ATR is less than one point, it’s too slow to trade. If the ATR is above 4.5 points, then it’s too fast. Generally, the higher the ATR, the greater the profit goal.

In the last couple of days, the E-mini has been volatile. The day the video was recorded, that was an FOMC news event planned for the afternoon. Many traders were on the sidelines waiting for the outcome. Expect more chop or whipsaw until a news event comes out. Afterward, expect a stronger directional move.

Take a look at the ATO 2 long signal at 2397.25. This trade was worth about two points. Notice how the software points to the entry candle. Take a measure of the ATR and you will see why this trade was worth two points. The prior day, the ATO 2 produced two signals: a regular long signal and a Trade Chaser signal (ATO-C on the chart). You take whichever comes first. Watch the video around 14:00 to see how to handle these trades.

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