Quick E-mini ATO 2 Signal Worth 7 Ticks

Here’s a quick video of an ATO 2 signal that occurred in the E-mini on June 13. The provided entry price is 2432. The profit target was 2430.25. That means the trade is worth 1.75 points, or 7 ticks. How much is this worth? Remember that each tick of the E-mini is worth $12.50. Multiply $12.50 by 7 and you’ll get a profit of $87.50. If you’re trading 10 contracts, that profit becomes $875. Remember that slippage, broker fees, and other trading costs are not factored in these estimates.

With the ATO, it’s very possible to get in at price shown in the signal (the entry price). If you get in a little late, it’s not usually a big deal. The average profit target of an ATO trade is greater than one point. Generally, the ATO 2 provides multiple signals each day. The signals are based on the regular volatility that occurs at market open. The ATO works with other markets because increased volatility at market open is common occurrence across many futures and currencies. Stops, targets, and trade management are covered during the included live training. When you purchase the ATO 2, you will receive the signal software for NinjaTrader, a digital course, the bonus ABC software, bonus “How to Trail a Stop” video, live training, and a couple online training videos. Click here to purchase.

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