3 Ways to Enter the Market (Webinar Video)

Did you miss the live trading webinar? Many traders sat in and watched the signals occur in real-time. John Paul goes into detail and answers questions from the audience. Watch the replay below. The webinar is new, having occurred Nov. 22, 2019. The presentation begins with John Paul giving a general explanation of the markets.

Highlights from Part 1:

Part 1 – If you missed the live webinar Friday morning here is your chance to review the trades taken, the questions and answers given, and the explanations for each trade taken the webinar was over an hour, and broken down into three parts.
Part 1 Covered
*Order types
*Phantom orders
*Trade Scalper Live Trades Taken
*Questions and Answers

  • Part 2 –

Part 2 Covered –
*Order types
*Phantom orders
*Atlas Line Live Trade
*Trade Scalper Live Trades Taken * Filtering Trades * Q & A

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