Scalping Method For E-mini & Filtering Trades Using Price Action

» Get the Trade Scalper Signals «

In this video, John Paul uses the Trade Scalper method live on the E-mini S&P. A small profit target and stop loss are used multiple times throughout the day. For this specific 1-min E-mini chart, he uses a 3 tick profit target and a 6 tick stop loss. The ATM strategy automatically places the target and stop. He enables the TextAndMarker setting so you can see the exact price at which he entered. The Trade Scalper method is fully explained – it’s not black box. The course provided after purchase fully discloses how to find these trades on your own manually, so you do not have to depend on the Trade Scalper software. The Trade Scalper software gives you entry signals and arrows to show you exactly where you should enter. His short trade gets tagged and filled very quickly, even for scalping. Coincidentally, the Atlas Line on a 5-min chart was providing additional confirmation to go short. Some traders use both methods like this for better trading. Remember, if you want to learn all the methods in one package, the eight week Mentorship Program is the best option – click here for details.

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