E-mini Signals: Scalping All-Time Highs + Accurate Prediction

Many winning signals here for the Trade Scalper. John Paul estimates one losing signal among 13 winners. Not bad, eh? Note the extended period of time. In addition, you’ll see a real-time trade at the end. See how the order isn’t filled? It can happen to the best of us. In this case, another Long signal appears so we simply move the buy (long) MIT order up closer to the new signal.

By the way, the E-mini S&P 500 has reached all-time highs. Remember when John Paul said it would earlier in the year? He gave you a plan and a way to take advantage of the anticipated recovery. Did you do it? Many doubted this would occur, but he was right. Also, the market is now less chaotic than it was. It’s more tradeable now, as you can see with the Trade Scalper signals. It’s a great time to trade!

What better way to learn how to trade than to participate in the upcoming Aug. 24 Group Mentorship class? You’ll get all courses and software with Lifetime Licenses and learn everything we have to teach you. Yes, you’ll be scalping and using the Roadmap, Atlas Line, etc. in no time…see you in class!

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